CSA is threatening us

January 29, 2012

Our case has been going on for 4 years.My husband has 2 kids by his ex-wife who left him for a wealthy man that she was seeing behind his back .she had a child by him within 12 months of them starting to see each other.i have 2 children from my ex-husband who left the country and has never paid me a penny in 7 years, he also caused me to go bankrupt as we had a business together and he withdrew all the money from the sale on the day it went through. My husband was paying maintenance to his ex and we used to take all 4 kids on holiday and had his boys every weekend until his ex said that if my husband wanted to carry on seeing his kids he had to meet her in a hotel room ! he refused and enter the csa .my hubby is in building trade and is self-employed and since the recession work has been on and off, we have really struggled and yet csa are hounding him for £90 week including arrears , even though we have proved that he has been out of work for months at a time.

Even when he is working it costs him £100 in fuel just to get to work and he is left with £200 week for everything else. how the hell do csa think a family of 4 can live on £100 week.his ex now lives in 6 bed detached house which her new partner owns.we have told csa all this but their answer was to threaten bailiffs, i told them that everything we owned was from my marriage to my ex so they replied that they were going to take money directly from my hubbys bank account.this letter arrived on xmas eve. i am in the worst case possible , i get no money from my ex and they want to take ridiculous sums of money away from my children to give to his ex. what makes my step childrens welfare more important than my children. It is so wrong.

I even rang the samaritans as i just felt that i cant cope anymore.the threat just hangs over your head all the time.i agree with people on here that we would actually be better off if we went on benefits although we are now looking to emigrate so my exes kids will lose out .csa dont really care about anyone least of all the kids


  • Brian says:

    Very sorry to hear that and the “C’SS” Gastapo are nothing but thieves and corrupt.

    I would strongly suggest you get in touch immediately with your MP and http://www.NACSA.co.uk I use them to represent me.

    EVERYONE GET YOUR MP involved!! NO matter what.
    Regardless send them a copy of every letter you send to the CSA.

    Don’t let the MP do nothing! Stand up and get the MP over worked with local CSA cases guaranteed to piss them off and force the issues directly with higher CSA bods.

    Please pass this message on.
    CSA will only take notice if an MP gets pissed off


    QUOTE from NACSA:
    “Many MPs are not aware of the full working practises of the agency. It is only when issues are highlighted by NACSA or individual constituents that we have the opportunity for questions to be asked in the House of Commons.

    Remember, your MP delivered the CSA… only they can vote it out!

    You must write to your MP and complain about CSA and how they deal with your case.”

  • chall says:


    You could follow Brian’s suggestion and use a third party to represent you, but be sure to clarify how much this service will cost and how/when they will expect payment for such. ~ As Brian is using the service, may be he could give you an idea of how much he expects total costs to be.
    ~ It may be worth actually confirming there is an issue that you need their assistance to resolve, prior to committing yourselves to further expense, as I presume they would still require payment for their services even if their intervention proves there were no errors and CSA were correct.

    Initially, your OH can ensure the calculation is correct. You should also pursue your own ex for child maintenance, were the CSA ever involved in your own case and have you looked into REMO?

    It is the responsibility of a NRP to notify the agency of a change of circumstances. If he didn’t notify them at the time of his unemployment then they will not usually do a retrospective CofC.

    SE are normally calculated on their most recent Tax return, usually being the previous years income and will include allowances for fuel etc.
    However, if a NRP is unemployed and claiming benefit, the calculation can be altered to reflect such, but the NRP would need to advise them of this at the time.

    If arrears are included the agency can, as per their rules, take a maximum of 40% of the NRP’s income, including regular maintenance.

    Your OH assessment on CS2 will be calculated on his income, ie earnings + any child tax credits paid to your household + any working tax credits if he is the higher earner (reduced by 50% if you both earn the same OR if you are the higher earner they will be deemed as your income).
    Reductions would be given for both of your children if they meet requirements and for shared care if that meets the criteria.
    This link will take you to a CS calculator http://www.cmoptions.org/en/calculator/calculator.asp

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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