CSA is the government’s tool to destroy fathers!

February 5, 2018

I broke up with my wife in 94 ,we had two kids . she moved in with the guy she was seeing behind my back , i got lumbered with a mortgage on their house because she denied he was living there. and the courts and csa believed her . i moved in with my retired parents , then the csa went after their pension’s both private and state . my ex was working , she had her new mans income , and i was paying the mortgage . csa we’re taking two thirds of my wages , trying to get my parents to pay , and stopped me from seeing my kids.

I went to court 8 times to get excess , which she took no notice of , and the courts would not enforce .my parents asked me to leave , well , what else could they do . i moved into a rented , shared house , and the csa wanted the other renter to pay for my kids !!!

I spent days on the phone getting no where , no court would make her let me see my kids , i had no money , they wouldn’t take into account any of my expenses , rent , food , utilities , car loan , travel expenses , nothing . She was going on holidays for weeks at a time ,and me ?? i ended up having a stroke , fair or what ??? Whilst of work they started hitting my employer for direct payments , by this time i was in so much debt , which of course didn’t count as an expense . so i left the country , it was either that or suicide , and believe me a seriously considered it .

My kids are now in their late 20’s , i have had contact with them both , more one than the other . mainly because of my ex being a nasty bitch , and the csa . and now i would like to come back to the uk , but can i ??? Will the csa start all over again , plus arrears ??? Will they take my pension or again leave me with nothing ??? My ex and the csa very nearly destroyed me , they have both really messed my kids up , and it seems that a) i have no voice to complain , again . and b) have to stay out of the country . What a shit life the uk goverment gives .

The csa is , and always was , just a blunt instrument for bitter , bitch ex wifes to destroy their ex husbands with . we’re not me and my kids allowed a life ???? And as an aside , no father will or ever has , got custody of their kids , why ??? because the goverment likes to see them destroyed.


  • David says:


    I read stories like yours daily. As someone who has been through it myself, I can really emphasise with your situation. That is the reason I specialise in CSA law.

    From the facts presented by you, there is a great deal wrong with the way the CSA has treated you and your parents. Seems they have broken the law and have breached your human rights by forcing you to leave your country. There is a great deal that can be done to help you but I cannot go into it here. It would take too long.

    Please email me in the first instance at [email protected]


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