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CSA is taking our child benefit to give to someone else

I am trying to sort this all out for my husband who has 3 girls from previous relationship.He has always paid for them and kept doing so even when the eldest lived with us and upentil the two eldest were we no longer entiled to,just because didnt want make things difficult for the youngest who only had roughly a yr left to pay for. But in april this yr the csa contacted us and told us we we no longer to pay anymore as she had been claiming monies she was not entitled to we told them there was one left to pay for but they said no do not pay anymore!! even our accountant at work doubled checked.

We stopped paying got a rebate for the monies back then in july the mother made a claim for the youngest which at first we ignored as been told so many time that was it no longer need to pay, however told this is new claim and we had to do it or be taken to court so we did then they persued for my wages eventually after lots of letters and phone calls were now paying £360 a month for an 18yr old they are taking all moneys in to concideration and as i belived under the 2003 guidelines they not alowed to do that!! They told me they just reopened the original case which ive argued with them about cos that is not right.

So at the momment they are taking from my husbands wages, our child benifit which makes me so mad!! and charging my husband £250 a month roughtly for me refusing my wages(they told me thats what i need to contribute from my wages to free his up to pay for his daughter) my argument is what about our daughter they are taking from her to give to someone else!!!

Help thanks tasha x

2 thoughts on “CSA is taking our child benefit to give to someone else

  1. I work for the CSA and a non resident parents partners income should not be taken into consideration

    Only income that will be used (or should be) is Child tax credit working tax credit and his income

  2. The CSA may have reopened the old case because the PWC asked for the closure to be reconsidered because she was in receipt of child benefit for the youngest child and therefore still a qualifying child and the old case becomes continuous.
    If the old case was old system old rules(pre 2003) then all income in the household would be required to determine an affordable amount.
    However if the NRP’s partner does not want to provide their income an interim assessment can be done without considering a protected income and thus not considering an affordable amount for the household.
    Child benefit is only considered as part of disposable income and not considered when using NRP’s net income and exempt income to determine the liability.

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