CSA is taking much more than it is owed

November 21, 2014

This started in july last year my son went to live with his mum as he missed her but in the 5 years since she left she paid around £200 for my 2 children so the pack I sent back to the csa I gave my reasons for not paying I did not include my earnings or incomings or outgoings.

I recieved a letter saying they would investigate then I heard nothing until jan 19/2013 when csa took a big lump of my wages this has continued for 5 months I have in total paid £1111 in 5 months but I had arrears of £758 which covered from july to december but if I had paid from july to now I would of only paid £1014.

So I really struggle with the fact they say I still owe money im told the case worker could reduce my payments but they wont im also told to get a debt management plan from the cab but my only debt is to csa and it is putting me in hardship.

They said if I paid them something they could stop my attachment but ive paid them over a thousand pounds in 5 months and I only owe around 2 hundred but this is really too much im srltruggling to put food on the table Can you help please?


  • Mr Nelson says:

    I think you should look at all your payments, if you kept a record of your payments then all you need to do is to get a cheap A4 refill book (lined) or if you have access to a PC and printer then make out a spreadsheet,
    Quite simple the layout, then enter all your payments and dates from the first to the last payment made, total up, then subtract from total what you should have paid, that will give you a minus or a plus, if it turns out that you owe then make a reasonable offer, if you have overpaid then ask for it back, if they ignore your requests then make sure you put it in writing addressed to the head of your CSA branch,
    Enclose a copy off your findings and inform him or her that if your over payments are not returned within 14 days you will seek legal advise to resolve the matter in the small claims court.
    Good luck.
    Mr Nelson
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  • angrymum33 says:

    you need to go straight to your mp! tell him your situation and ask him to help. cab wont do anything hwen it comes to the csa. same with solicitors.
    just go see your mp, do what mr nelson says, and write down a log of what contact was made with the csa and when, names if you can and call times, what they advised you to do try and get as much info about your situation together to make a casefile including all the payment agreements. make a copy, bring it to your mp and let him do the work. they can get straight through on the mp hotline and speak direct to complaints otherwise their gonna keep doing this to you!

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