CSA is taking far too much money

March 31, 2012

My ex wife kept on at the CSA to re asses my payments and they increase my payments and back dated it saying that I owed them around £500. They then told my employer that they were deducting this directly and taking it out over 3 months.

My salary was at that time just meeting all of my bills and the normal CSA payments, when they took the amount they did over those first couple of months if I hadn’t manage to get some money from elsewhere I would have not been able to pay all my bills or even get to work.

They left em 2 months running with around £950 taking into account that my rent was £595 and I pay out £200+ on petrol each month they didnt care that they were potentially pushing me to default on my debts and even not having enough money to be able to buy food to look after my son. I am not saying I shouldnt pay, but the fact that they could have lost me my home and therefore left me unable to look after my son seems out of order


  • Carol says:

    It is totally out of order. I was told yesterday by someone in the CSA that maintenance is a prioritised debt and comes before credit card debts, loans etc as if you are having financial difficulty your lenders will come to an agreement with you whereas the CSA won’t. I told them they are leaving people in financial poverty but the number crunchers in the CSA don’t really care. It is the amount of maintenance they want that is crippling people. It’s a very unfair system

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