CSA is splitting up families that can’t afford to stay together

February 21, 2015

Im so angry we have 5 children to support in our house and they have just taken £500 out of £1000 wage to pay for 1 child.

So I guess we will be starving this month! Whats the point in making 5 children suffer so one has everything what child needs 500 a month CSA!!

The whole system needs reviewing there should be one set payment for everyone £30 a wk is all a child needs instead this system is making more CSA claims by splitting up families that cant afford to stay together.


  • Mags says:

    Go on to a site called child support agency, on facebook, u will get lots of useful advice there

  • Mags says:

    Sorry, stupid phone, it’s called child support agency ripoffs

  • Bill says:

    The maximum they can take is 40% if there are arrears due for maintenance.

    Maintenance is 15% for one child and they only consider 75% of net income if there are 3 or more children in the NRP’s household. You need to examine the assessment calculation carefully to determine that all these factors have been taken into account and ask for a revision if they haven’t.

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