CSA is so wrong

June 24, 2011

A short story why this week i take my boys out and buy them suits for there prom whitch cost me £300.Then get phone call from the csa telling me i owe a payment. I will pay this friday 17/06/2011.

It just seems unfair, when i get letters from the CSA saying if i pay eg for there suits then the CSA will forget the payment to there mum.

Do you think she will tell the CSA this? I dont so it would be nice to hear the CSA’s reply, yours Mr j.c Fenton


  • KMcQ80 says:

    This is were the CSA divides parents.
    You are required by law to financially support your children which most of us do through the CSA.
    However if you spend money on your children for other necessary things such as clothes,holidays etc. this is not taken into account.
    The PWC who receives the money from the CSA should pay for these things.
    But this very often is not the case.
    Also it portrays the NRP has non financially supportive.

    Thanks CSA for financially smearing my character to my children.

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