CSA is sitting with my son’s money in the bank

April 26, 2015

Hi, I have just split up with my sons mother who will not let me see my son because she has not received payments from the CSA even though the money has been taken directly from my wages.

She’s angry with the fact that the CSA are taking arrears from me to my daughters mother (I don’t see my daughter because the CSA pays her mother more money if she stops me from seeing her and I have tried to see her). I was a funeral director for about 10 years and had a deduction taken from my wages, last year I went self employed as a plumber but a large job with a customer that didn’t want to pay almost bankrupted me, so for 6 months I wasn’t earning and I tried to sign on but I was told the government couldn’t help.

The CSA are forcing me to pay arrears for this time when I wasn’t earning, which I can only see as fraud, also when my son arrived I should have only payed 10% to my daughters mother, not 15% like I was, therefore I have already over paid (not like they would pay it back, but surely that would count to some of the arrears?)

So in brief, I have to pay 15% of £0 which to the CSA is £156 a month I have already over paid the CSA I haven’t seen my daughter in 7 years because the ex wants the extra money They are now sitting with my sons money in their bank which is stopping me from seeing my son I have move back in with my parent because I’ve got no money left at the end of the month to get my own home Unemployment looks like the only option left, They took arrears from me once before when I had been paying my daughters mum directly and I nearly lost my house at the time.

I can’t believe that a government organisation in 2015 would force someone in to unemployment. Emigration has also been a thought. For the government to make some one think of leaving the country because of the CSA is absurd.


  • Iruler08 says:

    The CSA and government would rather see a father become impoverished, they don’t care it’s all about statistics. SEE WHAT WE’VE DONE ATTITUDE!!

    Read my petition please sign and support as the CSA need to be challenged.


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