CSA is sexist and always favours the mother

June 1, 2012

The CSA is a load of bollocks!

If they want to support children then why not support the children who live in poverty?  The law has no consideration apart from taking the mothers side, my case has been going on for almost 2 years and all i get is 3 hours visit with my child and i spend 4 hours travelling to see my child.

This is not justice!

They think all fathers are violent, abusive to their own child, to me women like to use their own kids as a weapon to get to their father, this is sick and sexist!


  • Carol says:

    All legislation the CSA has is in favour of the pwc. There is nothing whatsoever for the nrp and the 2nd families involved, even when you can disprove their figures.

    They are a disgrace

  • HB Bride says:

    The CSA will glibly claim that 30% of their cases is fathers getting money off ex-wives. They can’t, however, substantiate the claim. I’ve asked.
    What has become clear to me is that the CSA only pursues the (let’s be a little kind) parents (obviously I mean fathers) who are stupid enough to acknowledge them.
    If you totally ignore the CSA, don’t talk to them, don’t acknowledge their letters, don’t givem them any information, they will eventually put you on their ‘too difficult’ list.
    If you make the mistake, like I did, of even talking to them, they will hound you and you will be a victim to their proven incompetence.
    So, the bottom line, the nice guys get clobbered and the bastards get away without paying. What a system.

  • brett says:

    Interesting comment from HB Bride. Looking back I wish I had been as awkward and obstructive as possible back in the 90’s when the CSA started crawling all over me.

  • adam says:

    True bunch of clowns, asked them to explain their calculations the other day and they couldn’t eventually the only pathetic answer they could give me was that’s what the computer says what is this little Britain”computer says no” what a bunch of morons and now because I have payed £82 less one month in 5 years they send a letter threatening to put me on collect and pay if I don’t provide evidence that I have payed in 14 days the letter didn’t arrive until 4 days after the date stated plus I thought in this country we were innocent until proven guilty they should be proving I haven’t payed it not taking one persons word and assuming it to be true. I have no faith in the system and no intention of being polite or amicable with them because of the way they treat and speak to me.

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