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CSA is pushing us into arrears with their fake claims

My partner has been assessed again (his ex likes to have him reassessed every few months) by the CSA based on Apr 12 – Mar 13 accounts (he is self employed) as paying £170 per month plus they want over £200 per month for 4 months for some magical arrears they’ve just come up with.

They do this all the time, we went to court in 2011 as they sent letters saying he owed £7,000 then £10,000 etc. We won, he only owed £700. Now they have invented some further arrears from 2006!

The problem is most of that work was at the start of the tax year, since December 2012 until now he’s really struggled for work. If you look at his income since January 2013 he’s brought in £129 per week before tax. Based on just over £500 per month actual earnings before tax and rent, bills etc he obviously can’t afford to give them over £300 per month.

They say they have to take tax years though and have ignored my submissions of his actual earnings this year. Can they do this? We are now racking up actual arrears because he genuinely can’t afford to pay.

I refuse to pay it myself because his ex is a raging psychopath who has a caution for harassment against me and I won’t give her a penny of my money. I am currently covering his bills due to how little he is earning.

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