CSA is paying my money to someone else

August 5, 2010

I am a parent with care and have been dealing with the csa for just over 10 years now. I just go round and round in circles.

I live in Northern Ireland but because my case is quite complicated (has been through just about every dept. in csa including Enforcement and EJO) it has become a clerical case i.e part of my case is dealt with by csa Belfast and the other part by csa Crewe, meaning I have to speak to 2 CSA DEPARTMENTS!! – Double the fun !!!!

My ex partner has eventually started making payments (after 9 years of avoiding this!!) but CSA Crewe have been incorrectly dividing the payments between myself and the other parent on this case – resulting every month in MY PAYMENTS BEING AROUND £50.00 SHORT!!! This has been going on since last October, I still have yet to receive a penny of this money!!

I tried making another complaint but have got nowhere: they told me that they will have to carry out a full account breakdown to see how much I have been underpaid every month and this will take a MINIMUM of 12 weeks! Also when they do finally calculate how much they owe me, this amount WILL NOT BE PAID OUT TO ME BUT WILL JUST BE ADDED ON TO MY ARREARS!!! AAAARRRRGGHH.

I have decided to write to the Chief Executive of the CSA however when I asked a supervisor for his name and address she refused to give me it!! and told me if I told her my complaint verbally on the phone she would pass it on to the complaints department!!! I told her in no uncertain terms that I was falling for this again (i.e. give her my complaint verbally, only to hear nothing more about it, and when I call in a few weeks to be told you never made a complaint, all complaints must be made in writing!)

I asked her why she was refusing to give me the chief executive’s details and she said I have given you the opportunity to make a complaint and explained the complaints procedure therefore I haven’t refused to give you information!! and I have recorded this on your file! When I then asked her for her name she said she didn’t have to give me her name!!!

I feel absolutely exasperated and I don’t know where to turn now, as it has taken 9 years of constant complaints etc. to eventually force my ex to start making payments, and now that he is making regular payments I’m not receiving them.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    To be honest waste of time writing to Silent Steve – as I call him as tried many times and never got a reply (Stephen Gerarty) If you havent been in touch with the ICE (Independent Case Examiner about the CSA – getting them to do a report, takes a while as they so busy – please contact me directly to see if I can give you any more info, Ive had 12 years – 9 special payments, 5 full ICE reports, Bailiffs and Courts – asked for Committal – thrown out cos my ex (Self Employed) gave false payslips that obviously the Judge was too blind to see! Obviously have proof they fake too. HMRC not interested, Criminal Compliance Unit proved he was a liar and I wasnt 5 bank accounts, £25k+ savings, brought a house with £11k deposit, earns nearly £40k, etc. when his tax returns say only £20k!! Also join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and others for more advice, support and see how many 1000s of us suffering similar problems as yours. No government ever wants to take this on, me and Lisa for 12 and 13 yrs seen James Clappison MP and got nowhere! All Talk and No Doing!!

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