CSA is no help in this horrible situation

September 23, 2014

Social services lost my career as a police officer and business in 08 when I went for help due to the mothers mental health and making threats to kill my daughter. In 09 another social services raised the same concerns and I then had residency. It emerged the mother had a history of mental health.

Whilst in my care my daughter disclosed abuse and I took te matter Back to court. Social services who said it was wrong to report a mother making threats to kill a child said it was wrong to report abuse. They hijacked my case falsflying police investigations and altering my daughters medical records.

We have strong evidence that they concealed abuse. My daughter was stollen in 2012 and passed back to the mother. During supervised contact my daughter continued to disclose but social services told the courts she stopped disclosing. Contact workers were sacked or intimidated not to speak to the police. Contact was stopped after my daughter told the contact worker thhat she had told the expert witness what had happened to her.

It emerged the maternal grandfather has allesged history of abusing children.

There is currently a police investigation against all that has concealed. Te aociL worker is a fraud using several surnames and web has two dates of birth.

As mentioned I have lost my police career an business. It came out in the secret family courts that social services lost everything.

The CSa contacted me an said. I earn 500 wk. I told them I lot everything and now working to obtain evidence with police to expose the concealing of abuse of my daughter and why the social worker covered it up why the mother covered it up and why the courts ignored historic evidence of sexual abuse that just come to light dating back to the 80’s. I tol them I do not get pof for this.

I tol CSa to contact CID whom where investigation and social services that had ruined my business to which they didn’t. I have shown a tax return of 300 a year totally different from 500 week. The CSa did not want to see it.

I was also supervised 2 days a week so I would of ( if been not working on my case) only had 3 day week therefore earnt 300 week. They did not want to accept this.

Just got a court letter through for nearly 5000 UNA court 100 miles away (oct2014).

I have told the courts everything and also how court orders been stopped.

I did write to my council last year and told them to write to CSa telling them of the situation and also said I have lost 5 years work at, according to the CSa 500 a week and put in counter claim to which they ignored. I have sent the courts evidence of the social workers fraud. Hcpc and police have been working with companies house on this.

I have asked courts to go to local court and submitting c78 for loss of income.

I have also told the court that social services have blamed the courts for concealing child abuse (which I have the email passing the blame) and also said that police also want to know what judges ignored historic abuse.


  • John says:

    Feel sorry for you mate, you are battling the most corrupt systems ever with Social services and CSA. Perhaps you should consider a complaint to the Serious fraud Office. I would also get your M.P. involved (if you haven’t all ready), but be careful M.P.’s can be as corrupt and corrosive as the rest.

    Ask your M.P. to refer your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman on the basis of repeated maladministration. Good luck.

    Important matters involving children, belong in the courts with professional qualified lawyers and judges, and should not be left in the hands of incompetent, pen-pushing tossers!

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