CSA is messing with me as I’m the dad

December 18, 2014

My ex wife started work and wont answer any letters phone calls but it seemed funny who one agent sayed she had spoke to her once.

Now ive been waiting 20 weeks and told to wait another 12 weeks i really think im being f**ked about of off because im a dad with the child.


One Response to “CSA is messing with me as I’m the dad”

  1. chevvy64 on December 19th, 2014 1:11 am

    That cannot happen as legilstion dictates how maintenance and arrears are calculated. All the information is available online, including how to work it out. So if you are unhappy about the calculation, you are fighting legisltion, not the CSA. Your ex is irrelevent to the calculation, doesn’t matter what she earns, from a legislation point of view. The point being, you made a being. You are responsible for contributing to the welfare of your child. Put some money away each week until you recieve the calculation. You have been given a timescale, you know you will (quite rightly) be contributing to your child, and there are tools available to give you an idea of how much that will be. It’s not rocket science to figure if you can’t sort it out yourselves (as sometimes happens), someone else has to, and they have to work it as best they can on your behalf. I hope you manage to get yourself sorted, as it really has nothing to do with being the Dad, It’s a service for either party that needs it, good luck.

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