CSA is making my life hard to give ex an easy life

August 17, 2015

I had a very on off relationship with a girl who got pregnant over 7 years ago she went on to tell me that she was pregnant,i was happy but soon got the message I was no longer needed,the final nailwas when she asked her brother to pick her and my daughter up from the hospital and not me! I had to get a court order to see my daughter and has been hard work ever since.She did not use my surname but worse did not put my name on the birth certificate! the only thing she did do was give my details to the csa.

i have been paying through attachment of earnings but recently change jobs so I contacted the csa and they told me to try and reach an agreement with my ex.which I tried but she will not have any contact with me and I have to make arrangements with my 7 year old daughter through her own mobile phone.which I think is wrong!

my ex has remarried just come back from the Caribbean and now drives a brand new range rover! I have been told I now have to pay her £450 per month even though I am not seeing my daughter! I live on my own and have my own mortgage and bills to pay!i work on a commission based job so how long will it take until I find these payments to much for me! not long at all! so the csa have left me with the alternative of working 60 hours plus a week just to pay the bills and csa or I leave my job and the csa can be proud that they have put another hard working man on the dole queue? CSA give yourselves a pat on the back.not every case is straight forward all you are doing is working for these women to give them an easy life with no thought for anyone else. wrong wrong wrong.