CSA is legislation only

January 6, 2014

Nothing in the United Kingdom is law until you have made a contract to it. CSA is legislation only. Legislation needs two parties to make an agreement and sign the paperwork,then and ONLY then does it become law.

The CSA Took me to court in 2010. I didn’t even have to appear. I won. Simply by sending into the magistrates a piece of paper called a Statutory Declaration. This removed all legal powers from the CSA.

The CSA are famous for lying and cover ups as well as forging docs and falsely signing “in house” liability orders which again is not legal.
Anyone facing court action cannot be charged or convicted until they have been heard. Its called a common law rights. And common law is more powerful and above all parliament, courts, MP’S AND JUDGES. Common law is the law of the land and has absolute priority!

Do not sign the assessment or post in your driving licence/passport, and you have “no agreement” which by law means “no contract” and without a contract no judge or court in the land can touch you!


  • Craig says:

    Do you have a template please?

    I sent them a Statutory Declaration but they ignored it

  • Lisa says:

    Have you any other information regarding this statutory declaration, did it get in the press? So many people suffering at the hands of the scum your help could be invaluable

  • Pete says:

    I find that this is a very interesting post, and I am not saying that this post is just fictional or really did happen. Would be very grateful if the person whom put this post up could share which court and when this was achieved. I am not saying that this person is telling porkie pies, am merely looking at the bigger picture. I have searched many court listings and not found. If this is true and he was successful I fear that this has been silenced or covered up to stop the flood gates opening for further potential wins. I do hope that the person whom posted does not take offence at my comment. But would be ever so grateful if you kindly would share which court and the date

  • Adrian says:

    Some of your facts are right. But look at it like this. You do not have to sign any document for it to be legal and binding.
    One instance of this is wonga.com. Where by you accept the agreement by simply clicking I agree
    Another one is your gas bills. Electric bills. Tv licence.
    Now goverment agency’s. Such as national insurance. Tax. Council tax. Has anyone in the land if the living ever signed a document to say yes that’s me and I will pay you x amount. No is the answer
    The last I heared the csa was at court was for breaking human rights.
    If the state say you owe money then you owe money.
    Your guilty until proven innocent and I’ve yet to see a high street solicitor take in the csa and win.

  • Mike Hunt says:

    William Clark I was the same as you.. They all get too greedy.. When they find out they will get less the next step is to stop you having overnight contact.. They then claw back a few extra quid.. Pathetic.. You only accrue arrears if any from when the CSA first contact you… They can’t say “you separated ten years ago therefore you owe maintenance backdated for ten years” . They shouldn’t either issue Deo as long as you pay regular maintenance.. Did you have thousands of pounds of arrears? The bunch of them are liars and criminals.. They don’t chase absent fathers because it’s too much like hard work.. The CSA also have collection targets to meet so why do you think they invent arrears and chase all the nrps who already pay?. Collection bonus.. KERCHING… They have no redress.. Ice, ICO, phso, solicitors, the national press, appeal judges they are all in this together.. They are untouchable..

    How do we expose these scum for what they are?, for ruining so many lives, for plunging second families into poverty… Answers on a postcard please….

    If you are reading this how can we bring these oxygen theives down??

  • ronaldd mcdonald says:

    Sandra you really annoy me, My ex broke up with me 6 months before my son was born and moved to Scotland from england, I have paid every month since he was born and I have paid more than the csa amount, I have also only seen him 4 times even though I got a job in Scotland (near no freinds or family) and moved to be close to him, now 6 months later decided to go through csa because she doesnt trust me even though I HAVE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT AND SHE HAS LIED AND BROKEN HER PROMISES MULTIPLE TIMES

  • Adrian says:

    I dont think peeps here are getting it are they. Many guys here saying “It takes two to make a child” and you should pay… Err yes correct. So why cant both parents grow up and sort out their own issues, stop acting like children yourself. However, what has the CSA got to do with your personal and private business? Would you like it if I came intervening in your private family affairs telling you what you can or cannot do? Well this is the problem of the CSA. Its not about the welfare of the Child in question, they do it to rake in revenue for the Government. Lets not be small minded here guys.

    They are a third party interloper who has no right trespassing over your property, family or children. You didnt need the CSA to get married, live together and have a child did you? no. So why anyone accepts them in difficult times? Anyone who wishes to use the CSA is simply putting more £££ into governments pockets so we can afford to go to war. It really is that simple guys. You are being fooled by ideological warfare and the fact that kids live in poverty. What a joke.

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