CSA is killing me slowly

February 11, 2015

The CSA are taking £350 out my pay every mouth I have to work 29 out of 31 days a mouth just to pay my rent and council tax.

After CSA / tax and National insurance takes there cut . My rent is 435pcm council tax 110pcm.. every mouth I have to juggle my other bills just to stop debt collector coming for payments that I don’t have.

I just don’t no what I can do feels like I’m in a hole and the CSA are burying me slowly with a teaspoon !! I could do it faster myself!!


  • Jono says:

    CMS do not take in to account private rent and debt that may have been occurred in a divorce. CMS has pushed me away from my children as I have to move 100 miles and live with my Nan to reset my finances. (I’m lucky I have that option) CMS are sinking good hard working men, I don’t blame the main carer who also have the child benefits, but the system which blanket punishes all non main carers of the children causing them to go through financial hardship.

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