CSA is just supporting workshy free loaders

April 24, 2010

My partner has just recieved a bill from the csa with arrears attached, for a child that was produced from a 2 night stand. he had no say in wether he wanted a child or not.

The woman in question has now got 3 kids to 3 different fathers. she is on the dole and gets her rent, council tax, free school meals, prescriptions etc., payed for her by the taxpayers of this country. Yet she has the audacity to say she is struggling to look after 3 kids on a low income. It makes my blood boil. women like this should be made to pay for their kids themselves. Now my partner is been harassed by the CSA for almost half his wage and we will be left with not enough to pay our rent and bills. Social life? We wont be able to have one at all now.

It would be easier to either leave the country or lower ourselves to go on the dole like her and thousands like her. He is not disputing paying for his kid, but wants to know where CSA get the figures from. Do they pull them out a hat? And she dont get all of the money anyway as she sits on her ass all day waiting for the next poor victim to come and impregnate her, then get paid even more for all her “hard work”. This country has went to the dogs.

No wonder people are fleeing abroad at the earliest convenience.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    People like this give people like me a bad name. I agree that this is flaunting the system. Kids are not meant to be had so someone else can support them, they should be supported by 2 people. I do have to say though, if people have 1 or 2 night stands they should be prepared and not rely on the other person for contraception.

    I hate PWC who play the system as much as NRP who play the system. It is unfair on me, a single mother – a PWC who is a tax payer also. My children didnt get supported properly by their father the NRP when he was in a position to support them!

    The system needs to be changed to be fairer for people who support and want to support their children.

  • chall says:

    Hi carron,

    When did the agency first contact your OH?

    Click on my user name and join us in the forum at afairerecsaforall.

  • charlie says:

    i totally agree with you.

    if you have children both parents should support them.

    i dont see how these low life silly girls can have no ambition and just a goal in life to get pregnant so they can get a free house, free everything. they have no pride. they just seem to think everyone owes them something for nothing.

    my ex got 3 kids with 3 different man. she is living with the thrid one now but claiming to be a single mother, she gets benefits coming from all directions, her family know the system inside out.
    so guess what – i just reported them all!!!!

  • charlie says:

    if your boyfriend is going to have the DNA test and it comes back he is the father he will loose the £300 fee he will have to pay, however if it comes back he is not the father then he will get the money refunded.

    if your boyfriend is the bioligical parent, will have have contact with the child now?

    i do think they CSA should provide both contact and maintainence.

    if the father is not seeing the kids because the mother is a bitch, then the maintainence should stop. the only way to see where yor money is going is by seeing the children!

    i think the PWC should have to provide receipts of where every penny is going too.

    i know my ex will be living it large with the money i pay her. she is forever on facebook drunk making a show of herself. recently she was on it pregnant drunk! classy, this is really mother of the year!

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