CSA is headed for disaster

October 14, 2010

My personal opinion is that the CSA are heading for disaster.

I think one day someone will take the problem in to their own hands, but this would not be good for any one suffering at their acts of theft. Why, because any government would dig its heels in and if any one did do something stupid it would just make martyrs of the CSA .

The CSA will in the end be destroyed by other corporate businesses take this Scenario 1000s upon 1000s of people cant pay the electric bill, the gas bill, The Rent, credit bills, etc, those company’s who are owed the money are told by the people who owe the dept why they cant pay. Of course publicly those major company’s will say that the CSA are doing whats right blah blah blah,but behind the scenes they will lobby the MP,s and all the old farts in the house of lords,Why because the corporate world is what makes the world go round and any one or a single company that dares dent the profit margin of another group of large companies will soon become a target and its properly started already.

The real Nail in the coffin for the CSA will be when enough people cant pay the council TAX because the CSA have beaten the council to the money,this in turn will lead to the MP,s turning on the CSA.

In the end the Government will do the predictable and read out the usual statements about something not being in the public interest and that thing will be the CSA.


  • graeme says:

    Hi Tom

    Interesting post that. However, the agency has become to big and too powerful to contain.

    Unless a planned and phased shutdown is implemented now then nothing will ever happen. On another post on the website somebody said it should go back to the courts system. I agree with this. But that would seriously overload our already overloaded justice system. Plus they would need to put in place judges, magistrates who are well trained and versed in the family law process. This can be done.

    I think that what should happen is that all cases go before a judge. A set level of maintenance introduced. This will be means tested. Both parties to be fully investigated. Reports made to the judge on the financial side of both parties and the maintenance set then.

    If the OH is self employed, then this is where the taxman conmes into play. All money deducted from taxes at source if no arrangement made between both parties.

    Now these ideas have already been posted by somebody else. And i think that this system could work.

    As you say corporate business would need not suffer, so how about putting people like Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Philip Green in place, people who know about money and how to work with it. Sir Philip Green has already condemned goverment psending thios week already. Ideal person to put in charge.

    Even better, have a person in charge who is aware of the problems that many people today have to suffer, Rising home costs etc Low wages etc.

    Then and only then should child maintenance come into force. But at a standard that everybody could afford.

    Yes there are going to be a lot of people, especially PWCs who use the system for their own financial gain a little put off at this approach. My answer to that is tough. Deal with it. And learn to live with it Like so many people have to.

    My thoughts only. A bit disjointed I know, but I am not perfect.

  • Meg67 says:

    Hi, Graeme,
    I couldn’t have put it better myself LOL!!!!

    Kind regards

    Meg x x x

  • graeme says:

    I have just read the BBC website this morning and under the planned Quango shut down, no decision as yet has been made on the fate of the CMEC. There is a leaked letter to Nick Clegg suggesting the quangos to be axed.

    Just a pity Nicolas Maude (MP who has written the report and letter to Nick Clegg) could be the brave one to say enough is enough.

    That is asking too much.

  • John says:

    Unforunately, they have missed a golden opportunity to rid society of this ‘monstrosity’.

    They have instead brought it back to some government control by appointing a Minister to make the ‘shambles’ accountable!

    My suggestion to all who have suffered at the hands of these ‘out of control’ wheel clampers, is to bombard the new Minister with complaints. They then might ‘get it’, that CSA/CMEC is a disaster and new methods should be looked at!

    What a kop out!

  • Rach says:

    Hi John

    Familylaw.co.uk have announced that cmec is to be scrapped and a new government department is to be set up, but their news article makes it sound like that is the end of it as we know it or am i being too hopeful?

  • martin dell says:

    look what i found god i hope it true


  • Rach says:

    yes thats the article i was referring to, however the bbc are saying that its not being abolished just being placed in dwp so dont know what to believe

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Nah let's just blow the bloody lot up ! It's what they deserve 🙂

  • Michelle Gibbard says:

    totaly agree i am in reciept of csa as main carer my partner has to pay for his child and to be honest she's alot more better off than us my thoughts are scrap the whole disaster of a money making business and help those who have been put into poverty we all get child benefit isnt that supposed to be for the children !!!

  • John says:

    Hi! Rach and Martin.

    Thanks for your information. I have read the article and it is only my assusmption that the non departmental government bodt (CMEC) is being brought back into the hands of government and merged into the DWP.

    I have many thoughts on this;-

    1) It is a cost saving exercise to streamline the number of CMEC staff, whilst at the same time increasing the workload on those that remain at DWP.
    2) The government may have taken on board concerns and complaints from people involved with CSA/CMEC.
    3) They will also have seen efficiency savings as CMEC is costly to run and the cost of administering collection outweighs, what they actually collect. Plus failed I.T. systems costing millions.
    4) £4 billion remains uncollected since 1993 and many people involved with them are targeted again and again, because they cannot be bothered with the hard targets. This particularly irks me, as I have been paying, whilst others are let off. This is discrimination!

    I don’t think for one minute that the government will give up their money laundering activity through CMEC. I think that there is going to be an attempt to align the beneits being claimed by the PWC with the payments of the NRP, and if they do this fairly, with openess and transparency to both parties, it may work.

    My guess is also that the tribunal system has been found to be unlawful. CSA/CMEC were using planted solicitors in tribunals who had no jurisdiction in law. Any successful challenge would open the floodgates.

    Finally, I cannot see the government closing the child support structure down. I think there are EU regulations that at the moment they have to adhere to. However, the Con/Dems are seeking a review of our sovereign legal rights, and are looking to break away from being governed on some our laws made by the EU.

    I still think that it’s a case of what and see!

  • Shaban Afzal says:

    it's absolutely true what's written above, i think their time is near. I just watched the news, Uk is heading for another financial disaster and more people are in debt than ever and the situation is worsening.

  • Phil Lee says:

    Careful Jem – not that long ago a guy was jailed for saying something similar in jest about an airport… the CSA have their spies.. lol even tho many may agree with you..

  • graeme says:

    that would be a dream come true, but what would replace it?

    would they still have the same draconian laws and powers?

    would they still be as rude, ignorant and arrogant not to mention stupid, thick, illiterateas they are at the moment?

    would they still have the same attitude that they have at the moment?

    would they be able to take into account neww familys that both PWCs and NRPS have entered into?

    would they still be able to harrass and victimise people like they currently do at the moment?

    would they still be using outdated methods for assessments, ie CS1 and CS2?

    how would they be able to transfer everybody onto the one assessment method quickly, without fuss and without victimisation?

    would they still take the word of the PWC over that of the NRP?

    would they abolish the draconian 40% leverage on peoples wages?

    would they take into account todays cost of living?

    would they take into account todays cost of raising a new family?

    lots of questions i would like answered.

    please feel free to add to them. I am sure I have missed out many important points.


  • John says:

    It may up to people power now to put the final nail in the coffin of the corrupt, diabolical debacle known in any way as CSA/CMEC.

    How can it be that decent, honest people are being treated like scum, by pen-pushing amateurs who have given us all a ‘ dogs life ‘. A system such as this has no place whatsoever in our society.

    Criminalising decent, law abiding people is a breeding ground for the want of revenge! Well revenge is a dish best served cold, and when the staff get their shiny arses kicked, I hope they remember the turmoil that they have inflicted on parents and children when they pick up their p45!

    My question would be will our elected representatives in a democratic society, allow such a shambolic system to ruin the lives of their constituents again?

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I have told them my intentions to shoot them, no coppers at my door, but hey as a photographer, I'm legaly entitled to shoot the theiving currupt parasites…… let em feel threatened, only the guilty need 2 feel such a threat to their personal lives….

  • Peter Anderson says:

    Yes, it's time to do to them what they have done to us!!! When a DEO is made at they take half your salary, make sure it's the council tax bill that bounces and let them take it back to court and let the court sort out whether it's the CSA or the Council that should be paid.

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Phil i am hoping they are reading what i write, allthough to be fair it is NO different to what i tell them every time i write to them !In 10 years i have never been in fear of these child abusing twats and somehow i don't think that will change ever !!!I HATE the child abusing wankers.

  • Rach says:

    Hi everyone i have just contacted NACSA to find out what the score is and apparently CMEC is definitely being scrapped but they still dont know whether things will be the same or whether cmec leglislation will go or whether start from scratch so its a case of wait and see i suppose

  • Allan Morrell says:

    likewise, my sentiments also

  • john says:

    Does anyone know what is happening or who is going to be responsible for this shambles in the future. If it has one?

    In order that I can give them an ear bashing and have all of my money repaid, because £4 billion pounds has not been paid, and I am being discriminated against and repeatedly targeted!

  • graeme says:

    Hi John

    From what I, as a mere simple male can gather, is that it will be amalgamated into the DWP. From there it is anybodies guess to what actually happens.


  • Rach says:

    bad news you were right all along john nothing is going to change its just going to be overseen by a minister, and they may change the benefit disregard apparently so we are still trapped in this evil

  • graeme says:

    In that case the minister will get so many complaints from everybody he will have to force changes.


  • Rach says:

    trouble is graeme wasnt the csa under a minister? and look at the fiasco! It would be far easier to scrap it and start again it sounds like their just going to go backwards to me

  • graeme says:


    I totally agree with you. Yes the CSA was under a minister, I think they called it the poisoned chalice, however, if a new minister was to take ovr then all the complaints could be directed totally in his way and he would then be accountable.

    Mind you they have tried that before and nothing got done about it. It is way too big now, too powerful, a law unto itself and the goverment doesnt want to touch it.

    It would take a very brave man to take over control of this manic agaency.

    Nobody springs to my mind who is brave enough to take it on and implement the required reforms.


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