CSA is crooked

September 1, 2011

I split up with a woman in april 2008 (i live in london her in manchester) after a brief relationship. She told me (2weeks) later she was pregnant, i said don’t keep it you’re better off finding someone else to start your family with, i didn’t hear from her again till october 2008, she said she couldn’t go ahead with the termination, we met in november as i felt it was my duty to see her. She was supposedly 7months pregnant, but I’ve got 2 kids and know what a 7month pregnant woman looks like, there’s no way she was 7months.

She supossedly gave birth on 7january09, we spoke on the phone several times, i found it strange i never once heard the baby crying in several chats, i asked her for a picture of the baby, she sent one, we carried on chatting, still no sound, the baby always happened to be asleep, this went on for 2months, i asked for another picture she sent 1 but the picture is of a different baby, there are 2 striking differences between them, i didn’t let on but asked her for a copy of the birth cert.

She said she’d email it to me it never came, she said she forgot, i asked her again and again, this went on for 6months, in between she asked me for money several times, i said yes after i see the birth cert, we used to speak on webcam, i asked her to point it at the baby, she said no it would wake her, i asked her to put the birth cert in front of the webcam she said no why should i then shouted give me some money or I’m going to the csa, they called me, the woman was rude to me from the word go saying we’re going to teach men like you to keep your trousers zipped up.

A subsequent dna test came back positive, i received a letter from cellmark, the csa called me a week later i told the woman i don’t believe the test results, she said get you’re own test done then and we’ll accept the results as long as its from a reputable lab, i got thinking after the call ended — why would the csa accept results from a lessor lab than cellmark, 1of the top labs not just in uk but europe?

Plus they said they’d charge me £220 if the test came back positive but they haven’t charged me for the test. They’ve now started taking money from my bank account, leaving me hardly able to pay my mortgage and support my wife and 2kids ps. I think the csa forged the test result in order to get money from me for a child they know full well isn’t mine.


Thanks for reading this.


  • Maurice Milsom says:

    Hi Kevin

    I’m sorry about your problems. I too have found the CSA rude and un-professional. The CSA are biased towards the PWC and only interested in the money they have been given the powers to legally steal.

    With me they were not interested in bank statement giving details of payments made to my ex partner or my Tax Statement giving details of my earnings, in there words “We can only accept information from the PWC”. Does this sound like an unbiased government agency.

  • sls says:

    Did Cwmcarn send the positive result letter to you we have had dealing with them recently and was worried whether dna testing could be forged so very interested in this story,.

  • sls says:

    Sorry I neant cellmark!

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