CSA is claiming money from when it thought I was dead

September 21, 2014

I have just been told I owe 75000 due to the fact that they couldn’t contact me. it started back in 2000 when my x put in a claim,i have never received anything from the csa until 2013.

Apparently the case was closed back in 2004 due to a mistake by the benefit office they mistaken close my claims saying they had received a death certificate for me.

My x re claimed csa back in 2013 but the csa decided to re-instate the old case saying owed 113 pounds per week even though I was unemployed on disability allowance for 6 years btwn 2003 – 2009,,,,but they arnt willing to listen.


  • melanie parton says:

    Take em to tribunal we gave proved their lying and wiped floor with em twice

  • jo says:

    This happened to us, sounds to me they calculated you on an interim maintenance assessment which can be overturned, see your mp and start writing a letter of complaint with dates and evidence if you can to back it up. Start fighting them and take no shit.

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