CSA is chasing me for arrears

March 14, 2012

For some time now the CSA has been sending me letters saying that I am over £16000 in arrears with my child support payments.

I first contacted them about this over a year ago to say that I had another child now and needed to be re-assessed, they told me that I should be making payments of over £400 a month, which I cannot afford. They settled with me paying £120 a month and said that there would be a re-assessment done, since then I have had another child and have been paying every payment but they still had me down as I should be paying £400+ a month so every month I have only been paying £120.

I have been building up a debt because they still wanted more, they finally about 3 months ago sent me a re-assessment form which I filled out and sent straight back, they have just sent me the result which was that I am no longer required to pay any child support payments, then I get another letter a few days later about the arrears that I supposedly have.

They are expecting me to pay them £16000+ which as I am in a single income household with 2 children (3 years old and 11 months old) and a partner who does not work it is just not plausible for me to pay yet they are still demanding it. I have contacted them about this but it has made no difference and now I just don’t know what to do?


  • Wankhead says:

    i do think that in a case like this you should just Wank. although it might seem like an easy solution, it really is that simple.
    just pull it out and do it.
    if csa send you a letter again, just open it reply with words that can not be read unless bought closer, and just make visable words. can you smell my spunk.

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