CSA is causing child poverty

April 24, 2015

Iv just had first dealings with these ignorant arrogrant people who speak to you like a piecec of dirti get £240 a week from a 53hour working week have two young children at home with a non working partner and there goin to take 48 pound a week and included our child tax credits plus working tax credit.

My ex dont even spend money on my other 2 kids shes on over £700a week benifits and been told she can keep the £48 i pay her without it affecting her moneys she on sick money dont work drives about in a unlicensed car all day long and says she too sick for work but theres wheelchair bound people that work and people with cancer work how does she get away with it and the c s a money im goin to give her is an extra lottery win weekly to her.

The goverment are causing child poverty and its goin to get worse i cant even get legal aid to fight for custody so have to pay for a solicitor £175 an hour plus £200 court fees and she dont have to pay nowt no justice at all i dont disagree paying c s a just it dont get spent on my kids and i have them both 3 nites a week justice stinks and we got mp.s who steal money so sooooo wrong.


  • Iruler08 says:

    Agree with your comments. Read my petition sign and pass on for support!! Challenging child poverty brought about by an agency who have on real interest in our children!!

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