CSA is biased in favour of the mother

April 14, 2012

I have recently been making voluntary payments to my ex-wife for my son. These I made by cheque made payable to my ex-wife. My ex-wife was not happy with the CSA assessment so went to a CSA tribunal. The CSA presented the case and the evidence. The CSA failed to provide the court with

a) My mortgage details
b) My housing costs
c) Details of voluntary payments
d) That I had made an overpayment of £1500

The Judge made an order that I have NO housing costs, and because my ex wfe told the CSA that I made payments direct to my son, the CSA will not take into account the voluntary payments. The end result I am in arrears of £6540.

I wrote to the CSA many times asking for

a) a statement confirming they had taken into account the over payment in the assessment
b) Why they did not give the court copies of my mortgage and council tax
c) Even though I have offered to get copy cheques from my bank to confirm my voluntary payments the CSA will not accept these as evidence of payment to my ex-wife.
d) I have appealed against the Court Order, yet the CSA will not progress this to take into account my housing costs in the assessment.

The CSA keep threatening me with bailiffs to remove items to pay my arrears. All I want the CSA to do is correct their mistakes so I know what the actual figure is that is outstanding My daughter left her mum to live with me in August 2011, the CSA still have to make an assessment against my ex-wife for maintenance.

The only way I ever get a reasonable response is when my MP is involved. He has now written to the CSA and the CSA have taken into account the overpayment that I made is the assessment, but they still have to recognise my housing costs and voluntary payments. Also 8 months down the line my ex wife has not made any payment for my daughter, and the CSA not chasing her for payment.

IMHO The CSA is totally biased in favour of the mother and the only thing they ever get correct are their mistakes


  • simon says:

    i totally agree , i was paying 300 a month to my ex , just for her to drink it all , i battled and fought and eventually got my son , it was and is an expensive and tough thing to do , a father is always deemed to be wrong , how much has she paid in six months , TEN pounds ,

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