CSA is after my house because of my partner’s ex

October 1, 2010

I feel so sorry for all the other Fathers out there. Like you I hate these people, they have destroyed both mine and my Partners life.

They are after my Partner for £32,000, have not shown any paperwork to prove where this has come from.

What makes is worse for us is that I gave my Partner a loan to pay for a Solicitor to fight the case but guess what…..after paying out over £8,000 to fight the case we have not a leg to stand on. The best Solicitors in the country cannot win these horrible people.

Sorry I cant even finish this email as I am at my wits end and like you we have no fight left in us. They are now coming after our house on the instruction of the PWC. She has been receiving benefits all her life, sponges the system, a money grabber and will not let us get on with our life. She told us 2 years ago that she will do whatever it takes to destroy us and thats exactly what she is doing.

Try and keep strong


  • John says:

    …..and the Politicians are allowing this to happen. Recycling benefits that are not even mean tested. In which other country that you or anybody else knows of, do they give money away for free? Answer = none! Thats Britian is known to the rest of the world as’ Treasure Island’!

    This is our country and they are our elected representatives. Go to your M.P. and give them an ear bashing, or write to the coalition and tell them your story in order to embarass the hell out of them…..and keep doing it until they listen!

    It is for parents to provide for THEIR children not politicians or office staff!

    There may be a way for you by asking for a judicial review. As far as I am aware not many people have gone down this route. If I had the money I would try to have my case overturned via Judicial review!

  • Amanda says:

    I do feel for you in your situation, but you must ask for a breakdown of the figure that has been calculated. This can be done as I have got one for myself regarding my ex, they cannot insist on the money unless you have this.

    However, I would like to point out that not all mothers are bludgers on the state and that some fathers run from job to job to avoid helping to bring there child up.

    I am a mother with care and my ex refuses to help with anything, my only option for help was to go to the CSA as he failed to be amicable about it, he would rather pay out on his gambling habit, alcohol and fags then give any money to help with the costs related to my daughter.

    I am a full time working mum with no partner who luckily is in a position that I don’t need the money to live day to day but could do with the money to be able to pay for the extras my daughter wants to do like swimming ballet french lessons etc. You always see notices about the poor dad and how they are so hard done by but why shouldn’t my ex contribute something to the care of the child he chose to bring into the world.

    The amount that you have stated he owes seems extremely high and unless he has 2 or more children and this has been for a period of over 10 years or he is earning over £50,000 I cannot understand how this has been made up. I am only owed £2000 for the last 4 years but this is enough for me.

    Make official complaints about the treatment of the case, get a copy of your records for £10 from the start of the case to date from the CSA it takes 40 days but it is worth it and take it to your MP, to try and change the system of how it works.

  • Lyn says:

    Thank you Amanda for your reply.

    Believe me we have tried everything honestly it is a mess. The Solicitor cannot even get the paperwork from them. They refuse to give it to us.

    This claim goes back to 2005 according to them. My partner has always paid maintenance and changed job in 2005. However his new salary was less and they refuse to take his new salary into account and are trying to get the difference between his old salary and new one.

    We have tried everything but his ex is one horrible woman. My partner has made an offer and she has refused by telling the CSA to go after our house.

    Like you I have worked all my life and never claimed any benefits but because we have a home unlike her renting she wants it along with everything else.

    They are only short of taking the shirt of his back.

  • Lyn says:

    Thanks John,

    It will cost us £15,000 to go down Judicial Review and looking at the way the case has gone already I doubt if we will win the case. Solicitor does not advise us to go this far.

    As the Mother has refused an offer of settlement we have no choice but to let them take our home. Over my dead body will she split us up because thats all she wants. She had a wonderful man who worked so hard and gave her and the children everything but she had affairs after affairs, staying out all night long partying leaving him to look after the children and when he finally had enough he left. She has made his life hell since he left 10 years ago. Yes 10 years ago and she still hounding him.

    She has become great friends with the case worker and it is this case worker who has told my partner that she will do what it takes to get all his assets.

    He is a wonderful man and for him to be dictated to by these MONSTERS is disgusting.

    Whilst I agree that there has to be a system in place for Fathers who do not pay their way but for those who do I feel sorry for them as they are treated like dirt.

    Oh by the way the Mother has a Son (from previous relationship) who is serving time in Prison and I am sure being treated better than my partner as its my partner that is being treated like a criminal.

    What about the tax payers paying for her Son to be kept in prison! This system in the UK makes me sick!

  • John says:

    Thanks Lyn. Sorry to hear of your plight.

    Criminalising decent, honest people will come back to haunt the corrupt politicans and civil servants. mark my words.

    I would’nt give up completely. Go to your M.P. write to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and try Douglas Carswell a tory M.P. He wants rid of this quango!

    Write to the Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge. Write to the Coalition.

    Good luck!

  • chall says:

    Hi Lyn K,

    On the surface, you appear somewhat misguided…

    QUOTE; ‘They are now coming after our house on the instruction of the PWC. She has been receiving benefits all her life,…’

    Alleged arrears prior to Oct 08, when CS legislation changed for PWC in receipt of benefits, will mostly OR fully (depending which rules the case is on) be owed to the Secretary of State and NOT the PWC concerned.
    A PWC has NO say or preference over arrears owed to the SoS, or the collection of such.

    If your solicitor OR OH have not yet obtained their Data Protection File, they should do so – there’s a template letter at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk in the download section. There is a £10 fee. Postal orders should be payable to the; CSA.
    It is a legal requirement that the agency fulfill this request. They can not ‘refuse’!

    The alleged arrears of £32,000 does appear high –
    1) What date did the CSA case commence, on or after 03/03/03 OR before?
    2) Are there any qualifying children still on the case?
    3) Has your OH made any payments to the CSA?
    4) Has your OH omitted making payments to the CSA?
    5) Has/did your OH always furnish correct information to the agency to enable them to make accurate maintenance calculations?
    6) What stage is the case at – have liability orders / charging orders been granted and did your OH attend court hearings?
    7) Is your OH the legal owner/part owner of your house?
    8) Has your OH CSA case been involved with any deprivation of income issues?

    chall – afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • chall says:

    number 8 – The smiley was unintentional, and has only happened as I put a closed bracket after the number.

  • lyn says:


    Thank you for our input.

    Firstly we requested the file and they sent it to us (bigger than the bible) the paperwork was unreal. When the Solicitor checked the file he found the letter stating the change of circumstances. They denied ever getting this letter. After the Solicitor pointing this out to them they simply ignored his request for an explanation and said that they are not reassessing this case.

    They are calculating the arrears back to 2005. The case started over a year ago.
    2 Children are involved
    My partner has always paid maintnance and never missed a payment.
    The Agency has always received information but they say they did not get any notification re the change of job in 2005 and change of salary. They did as we found the letter in their file
    The last communication was the case worker with our Solicitor a few weeks back when the PWC turned down the offer. The case worker said they were going after my partner for the full amount. Still not showing us any paperwork where this amount is coming from.
    My partner is the sole owner of the property.
    They have been talking about his life style etc.
    We have submitted all wage slips, bank book, statements etc. They were able to tell him that he still has enough credit on one of his credit cards and to pay off some of the debt with this……

    Our paperwork shows we owe around £8,000 but they will not listen and when we made an offer the case worker came back to our Solicitor and said that the PWC wants the full £32,000. According to the case worker these are the instructions of the PWC.

    This amount is fabricated and not true but they are not even listening to our Solicitor.

    He is being treated like a criminal and its so unfair. He doesnt have problem paying maintenance and any arrears but not the amount that they pulled out of the sky.

    There is not enough equity in the property to clear this £32,000 anyway. I paid for some refurbishment myself and I have been told that I would have to fight the CSA to get any money I am owed from the property but dont stand a chance!

  • Busylizzy says:

    Sorry only just picked up on this one and admit I haven”t read it all cos I want to get this out so it can be done pronto monday. If “their” after the house see a solicitor and get the deeds of the house transferred into your name only . You”ll have to check it with the solicitor but I”m pretty sure that the CSA can”t then make a claim against it as you as his partner are not liable for the so called debt and at the same time you can make a “Deed Of Covenant” to protect your partners interest in the property . I”m pretty sure I”m right with a good solicitor in property law its worth paying .

  • Busylizzy says:

    Chall quick question why is my NRP paying the SEC OF STATE ie payments he IS making are going to the SEC OF STATE. Sorry but don”t understand what you mean ! eg not responsible

  • Rach says:

    hi busy lizzy the advice regarding signing the house over was good but apparently cmec can now over ride this transaction as part of their new”powers” i know this as this is one idea i was going to use in mine and my husbands situation

  • Busylizzy says:

    Hi Rach seen you elsewhere on the site. OK “NO I DONT BELIEVE IT” you must be joking but unfortunately I can believe it. So how about this………SELL the house for a nominal sum to the other partner not doubt CMEC would come up with “transfer of assetts etc” but I believe would be very difficult for them to actually gain the evidence to prove and if necessary sell it to a trusted family member, deed covenant attached, and say cos of your debts. Plus useless piece of onfo but eventhough a property is registered at Land Registery it does NOT mean the named person is the actual owner. Land Registery may say otherwise but I was represented by a Crimanal Barrister in court and once I took my case on to TRIAL on just this my case fell apart based on the fact evidence was produced which contradicted the name lodged at Land Registery Intersting Huh????????????

  • Rach says:

    that is very interesting! may try the selling to a trusted family member as have nothing to lose! thanks for that idea

  • Busylizzy says:

    Rach glad to help but you must have a good solicitor who is special in property law. Mine was family law and it was me who pointed out the ex had taken out a mortgage vagainst a cproperty his mother lived in HUH!!!!! Hence I only have a smattering of knowledge but found everything out myself………….

  • Busylizzy says:

    PS as they say “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” Good luck and keep me posted to let me know how you get on OK

  • chall says:

    Hi Lyn,
    Your replies are confusing…

    ■Amanda on October 1st, 2010 2:33 pm – get a copy of your records for £10 from the start of the case to date from the CSA it takes 40 days…
    ■Lyn on October 1st, 2010 3:30 pm – The Solicitor cannot even get the paperwork from them. They refuse to give it to us.
    ■chall on October 2nd, 2010 8:42 am – If your solicitor OR OH have not yet obtained their Data Protection File, they should do so.
    ■lyn on October 2nd, 2010 5:06 pm – Firstly we requested the file and they sent it to us (bigger than the bible) the paperwork was unreal.

    As you have your OH DP file, you should have copies of all the paperwork/info the agency hold on him.

    ■chall on October 2nd, 2010 8:42 am – 1) What date did the CSA case commence, on or after 03/03/03 OR before?
    ■lyn on October 2nd, 2010 5:06 pm – They are calculating the arrears back to 2005. The case started over a year ago.

    The CSA case would have originally started when the agency first made contact with your OH – details of such should be contained in his DP file.

    The agency would not be trying to collect arrears from 2005 if the case started over a year ago.

  • chall says:

    Quote; ■Busylizzy on October 3rd, 2010 4:20 pm
    Chall quick question why is my NRP paying the SEC OF STATE ie payments he IS making are going to the SEC OF STATE. Sorry but don”t understand what you mean ! eg not responsible

    Since 27 October 2008 PWC on benefits have had the choice of either using the CSA or making a private agreement. Also, in October 2008, the £10 per week disregard was doubled to £20 per week and extended to those who were on the old scheme.
    In April 2010 a full benefit disregard was introduced.

    Prior to the change, maintenance collected (apart from the disregarded amount) was offset against the benefits the PWC was receiving.
    A NRP is still responsible for arrears accrued that are owed to the SoS.

  • Martin Jock Laird says:

    They had my house ages ago. But as some one said to me never neve give up hope and keep going

  • Hannah Kemp says:

    If you dont mind me asking, how can she be a money grabber if she is on benefits,and also, do you think she would be on benefits if she was in a stable relationship, the fact that she has kids to look after on her own is why she is on benefits and cannot work,let alone that,it is the comments that you are making that stigmatize and put single parents on benefits into a certain social and moral category,

  • Richard Murray says:

    rubbish Hannah , woman who's ex is in employment abuse the CSA system to bust the bloke FACT.

  • Darren 'Scuzzer' Lightfoot says:

    Because thats what woman are

  • Jem Pogue says:

    Until the child abuse agency is disbanded and a proper workable and fair system is put in place then these horror stories of this incompetent and abhorrent agency will continue.It is bitter ex partners and the feminist and marxist c.s.a. that cause all the problem's.

  • Rhiain Macabre Mort says:

    Please don't tar all Mothers with the same brush. There is good and bad on both sides most of the time. The only thing i can agree with you about is the fact that the CSA are a law unto themselves. They need to be scrapped for the sanity of parents everywhere!

  • Foxy Fox says:

    how dare you diss all single mums?? my ex didnt pay a penny for 8 yrs, n moans coz he has to pay £28 in arrears.he tried gold diggin my childhood home from me. which would have put me n his daughter out on the street,( and he knows i have no familyto ask/go to for help) by goin bankrupt and to furnish his lifestyle of gambling n womanising. all in all, the biggest gold digger i have ever heard of. infact i see more and more single parent women being ripped by MEN coz of the 'garenteed income ' they have n the roof over their headTHINK TWICE BEFORE YOU SLAG OFF WOMEN….!

  • Susan Ward says:


  • Allan Morrell says:

    Hannah and Foxy… I am so amused that you prefer to use the agency that abuses the rights of the child in order for the PWC to financially gain a pitance of the deductions made by the CSA (Child Stripping Agency) from compliant NRP's.There are many NRP's here that prefer to support their children financially but find after the CSA have stealth taxed, Stolen from the NRP and therefore stolen from the child and the NRP finds themselves unable to financially provide for the Child.Hannah… It is clear the comment about the "money grabber" has to be considered as an evident conclusion as the comment refers to a woman on benefits…. Paid by deductions of income tax… therefore living off the money that others have worked hard for while sitting on her backside… the additions of CSA payments again are a stealth tax and become an additional income for PWC… grabbing more money from a working NRP, It appears that PWC's prefer to go to CSA with the sole intention of GRABBING more MONEY rather than finding a middle ground which is in the best interest of the child created by PWC and NRP alike… If you find it too hard to comprehend the issue that the NRP and PWC should find a middle ground without the need to use CSA to force the NRP into financial difficulty rather than financially supporting your childs welfare with common ground, you should learn not to part your thighs, You are as guilty of parting your thighs as much as the NRP for dropping his trousers…You had a middle ground when you both concieved your child!!!! How is it now that you are separated that you cannot find a middle ground to support your child?Foxy…. How is it possible that your NRP tried gold digging your childhood home? the only possible way would be if you were to add his name to ownership of said property but how would this be done if you had separated?It appears evident that both of you choose to use the CSA as a point scoring system and weapon of mass destruction against NRP… Why is it you prefer to use a system that abuses the civil rights of your children to score points against your NRP… how much of those CSA payments you recieve are spent on your child and how much do you spend of that money on your own personal wardrobe or frivolities at the NRP's and child's expense?The CSA only take money from NRP to supplement the governments funding of benefits and PWC's recieve only a small percentage of the monies deducted, however the NRP could well financially provide for their child if you had not required the need to score points via CSA deductions from NRP and the NRP could well purchase clothing and footwear foryour child like I do for my child while the PWC spends her CSA payments on holidays for herself while my son stays with me…. well done PWC's who do that… great consideration for your child's welfare by trying to lavish up your lifestyle at your childs & your NRP's expense!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    PWC's are informed by CSA that the payments are a GUARANTEED INCOME!!!! why wouldnt PWC's resort to using CSA to grab more money??? Well done money grabbing PWC's… start thinking about how your actions affect your childs relationship with NRP…. how is preventing the NRP from financially supporting your child himself in the best interest in your child… the only persons welfare at the top here is your own SELFISH financial gain… even though you never recieve the amounts that were deducted from your NRP!!!!!!

  • Nicola chambers says:

    Your story is so similar to ours!!! Even down to the amount ! £32,000! How can this be

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