CSA is abetting fraud

February 19, 2015

My fiancee has been paying csa for the last 17 years. Recently his daughters college confirmed she was doing a part time course of 10 hours a week. We provided this letter to csa of which they informed us his payments wont stop until child benefit ceases for the parent in care.

We sent this letter to child benefit and to our MP who confirmed they will investgate this for us. As the parent in care just fills out a form ticking her daughter is in full time education, they dont seem to persue it and csa keep taking the payments from us.

The parent in care also confirms she knows what she is doing and continues to claim child benefit. I find it disguisting that she is able to do this. You provide the information to them and they sit on it. If people commit fraud they should suffer the consequences but my partner is clearly being stolen from.

The process is soo unfair. What is a joke is our MP has been involved, helping us and child benefit refuse to deal with him. Arent all these companies government run. What a joke. I want this to go to court so we can tell them exactly how it is but it is soo draining and has damaged his relationship with his daughter as the mother continues to lie making out he doesnt want to pay. He has been paying for 17 years. 16 years of that she was indeed entitled to. Why do people use their kids for a money bank. Its not right.


  • King Canute says:

    Your fiance is lucky to have you & your support, but there ends the good news … I battled the CSA from the date it was first created (1993) and I have had just about everything happen to me that could. From careless mistakes to wilful maladministration.

    I have also used my local MP. Nothing happened. Just empty promises. I wish you the best of luck but understand this – the CSA are a law unto themselves. They are still writing threatening letters to me and I don’t think they will ever stop.

  • Janet says:

    My husband as been paying csa .but now his daughter is working .csa still want payments and the mother still claiming child benefit ..we contacted child benefit and thay said that would investigate…and can’t tell us if she is claiming or not ..mean while csa don’t listen and expect us to sort it and still want payments ..csa don’t care or listen as long as getting a payment ..why is there not a better system between csa and child benefit …absolute joke!!

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