CSA is a social experiment not fit for purpose!

February 2, 2018

If the child support laws are backed by punishment and no fair appeal process Then the whole system is not fit for the purpose of what it was intended for To be denied an income a home as well as contact So they can seek profit It’s a social experiment and again we are the lambs for the slaughter If it’s taken just one life then it’s a criminal activity But too take hundreds of grief ridden parents over being a right to have and to hold their children Then again it’s a crime on humanity In years to come when these misplaced children become adults and do the same as there parents Then this exercise in destruction of life It takes more than one parent to raise a child or childrem to be a parent And using kids as weapons of hatred and given a green light by goverment To be lawful Court orders that are useless Contact costs don’t exsit Because I had to pay it anyway Monies been paid have been a credit for the mothers nights out to make more unwanted children to exploite more cash out of unwanted relationships So if Cms can by pass statue laws and make legislation to make people suffer then It’s all unlawful in UK and European law If the paying parent has to pay and the mother refuses then punishment should be on pwc Using the system as a another scam to make fraudulent monies When their part time wage is greater than the nrp income If this system of hatred and oppression then take money off the pwc to the money been paid But no that’s not fair How can pwc buy the skip full of crap they need to throw away?

When the nrp is left in a home he cannot to eat in sleep in heat keep warm And this is 21st century Sounds like we’ll all be in debt prisons and workhouses What a great Britain this is


  • UnfairCSA2018 says:

    The CSA is a government agency, but they seem to have no rules or procedures. I was named as the father to a child and charge over £4000 in fees. They didnt want to check that I did not know the woman, I dont have other kids or that I wasnt even on the birth certificate. I told them thousands of times by letter and phone but they refused to carry out a DNA and seemed more determined to get my money rather than establish the truth. My hard earnt money was taken by the infamous detachement of earnings order (DEO) so I couldnt even challenge it. Letter after letter was ignored even my MP failed. They finally carried out a dna last year which proved I was 100% not that dad, but that was after lots of stressfull periods and dealing with their threats to take me to prison for not wanting to pay for someelses child.
    This organisation is a joke. No one takes responsibility, they refuse to give their own names so you have no one that can help.
    Its now 3 years since they opened their fraudulent case against me and now they are refusing to give me back the money they stole from me. I cannot afford a lawyer to sue them but if i could i would. Instead i have started a crowdfunding campaign to take legal action and to challenge their unfair rules in court.

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