CSA is a scam for lazy women

August 9, 2014

This gov department has done nothing but send me broke , destroyed the relationship with my son , & taken my chance to dig myself out of a financial mess.

Due to their way of operating I seem to have no say in anything that happens they act as they are a law to themselves. working ot is not an option as they take that as well. they take my tax cheque for some unknown reason as I don’t have a debt.

I seem to be getting letters & phone calls constantly even on weekends . amounts seem to change randomly but my salary doesn’t ? . the mother involved uses the csa to her advantage eg. I have no access to child as this gives her more money. She works for cash to avoid taxable amounts to I have to make up the difference?

To sum up this whole department I feel its a scam to give lazy women a means of income without doing anything why would they, when u can get it from their children’s fathers.

PS I hate to wish my sons life away but waiting for him to turn 18 is the only hope I have to regain a normal life without some government department telling me how I should conduct my life with my own children. a complete investigation on how this department operates should be conducted.


  • Gonk says:

    You mirror my thoughts and disgust with this vile agency and many of the mothers it serves.
    We are just ATM machines and our kids are cash cows. My then wife of only 9 months lol, fucks off with a bloke she was cyberwhoring with on the Internet.
    She wanted him, he wanted her. So good ridens I said. Her choice, not mine and I didn’t run away from my responsibility as a father and husband providing for his family. I was put out with the rubbish like an unwanted or broken toy.
    But the bitch ain’t happy with screwing me over in the marital dept, oh no…she then expects me to pay for the privilege using my daughter as the excuse to bleed money from the ex…easy money lol….not as if I dumped her and left her with nothing , she moves in with another full time working partner, works herself and gladly takes hundreds of pounds from the good old ex and with a smile on her smug face as well. It’s all so morally wrong that a father is used like this and forced by a fucking government agency to hand over your cash, no questions asked.
    I sadly just see my daughter as a drain on my wallet every month and the ex and CSA has made it feel like this, I have seen my daughter for approx 4 hrs in 2 yrs.
    A daughter that I wanted in my daily life ,to watch her grow and have memories with to look back on. All I see is a drain on my wallet, it’s cruel and makes me soooo fucking angry, I have nothing of my daughter….nothing…so does make me wander…why did I even bother to have her, looking back with a crystal ball, if I could see that the mother had no intentions of me being in my daughters life and only being a means of providing her with a top up to her new family income, I would never have had a daughter ,let alone marry this bitch.

  • Gonk says:

    @ jan c c Hall
    You are so so spot on with your comment about no contact no money.
    Imagine that hey. These greedy bitches wouldnt be to backwards in coming forward anymore, knowing they won’t get any maintenance if they don’t allow the dad to see his kids.

  • True says:

    Exactly true forces people to have no life no contact with kids because how can some 1 who is struggling to live working full time afford to pay for lawyer take them to court for access when there ex is bleeding them dry to go on holidays every year there should be a law that is put in place to stop this and let fathers provide and defo agree with when there is no reason as to why fathers can’t see there kids they shouldn’t be able to abuse the csa system to collect money and just stop fathers fro. Seing there kids there defo does new to be something done to put a stop to this supposed to help kids how can driving them away from 1 of there parents be doing this it’s just a money making scam and a ticket for lazy people not to work and get handed everything especially when thy are doing it out of spite just to make there ex not have a life no wonder people have committed suicide over certain cases csa ruining people lives to make money is totally wrong !!!!!

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