CSA is a failing system designed to help spiteful women

May 13, 2016

The csa and the so called new cma are a complete bunch of morons why cant this goverment realise that tje system is failing stop persecuting innocent people and give radical change to see if it works . There so pathetic cant they see that the women only use the csa for spite if a woman breaks up a family and it can be proved in court then the absent father shouldnt be made to give sod all . Why should he have to keep suffering we do have lives beyond ex partners and we do have  feelings women are just spiteful idiots who can hide behind the muppet goverment because tjere gutless trouble makers who abuse tje system.


  • I absolutely agree with this comment .I was deceived with a child I never wanted from day 1.Due to expenses. I have to pay for the child and have been since birth.My payment were reasonable.But now the are largely hire.Taken into consideration that I struggle to live .Having g to live in a box room.As I can not afford to run a house.Also on top of insult to injury as there was a mess up with payment.She is dragging it out for a big 3 months payment. Yet if I miss a payment I treated like dirt over it.We’re is the justice in this.

  • Mark Bentley says:

    I feel for ya .iv had a letter today saying I owe 5000 arrears and iv been on disability benefit for the last five years due to a motorbike accident I walk with stick and take morphine regular for constant pain they reckon I was working when I was assessed I have contacted an mp .waste of time I wouldnt bother there not interested.speak to a solicitor aamd the c.a.b. they can do more thats what im doing

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