CSA intimidation started when my tribunal did

August 14, 2014

I can not put in to words how bad i think the CSA is it is no better that the a group of thugs scrum as far as the CSA things written evidences it not up held they do not investigate anything tell you to do things that will get you arrested here is the last letter i send in i think this tell’s all

Dear Sir or Madam.

I wish to complain about the disgraceful way I am being treated by the CSA and its Nazi way of working using intimidation, bulling, and harassment and total incompetents, At this time I an taking the CSA to Tribunal and from the date that started you have not taken any Maintenance for me no contact from the CSA it been down to me to contact you and when I talk to a operator it like talking to a wall, to give you an idea I told one of the CSA staff that I will soon be homeless??? And I was then told that under the CSA law I have to give them my new address!!!! The CSA staff don’t understand the word HOMELESS.

For months the CSA have failed to set up my direct debit and have been feeding my e-wife with incorrect information and I have been getting foul aggrieve abusive phone calls or text messages this was the last one sent on the 27th august 2013 (the CSA have told me that it is your responsibly and not the CSA to collect and make the payment and you are refusing to pay) this incorrect information that has been given to my X-wife over the past year has created hate and reduced my x-wife and my self to a level that we would not cross the road to save the other’s life,

How ever when I phone and ask I get the same reply nothing to do with us sir!!! Funny that this should start at the same time as I started the Tribunal and I disbelieve my X-wife until she was telling me what I had said to the CSA,

I have sent letters to complain but never get a reply I have spoken to what the CSA call Team leaders but nothing not a letter not any reply to my complaints , but I have received a number of letters from the CSA telling me that Enforcement action will be taken but never a letter to go with it on a name? But when I ring I am told that there is no record of it being sent and my file is with the so-called caseworker.

I have received thirty-seven letters with booklets in no letter no contact name and a number of forms to fill in never a reply.

I find it funny that due to the CSA incompetents at the start of this and the fact that the CSA failed to carry out an investigation in to the number of nights I had with my son and the incompetent of the caseworker thinking that 3 or 4 phone calls will do. A campaign has been started ageist myself by persons unknown in side the CSA.

When I have reported the issues I am having to a operator over the number of night or that my x-wife has not supplied I have been told that the tow biggest issues the CSA has it that the clamant is not giving the correct information and are not supplying??

If the CSA knows that there is a problem under its duty of care for its victims it has to deal with this and not just turn a blind eye to any and all issues,

As a older father I wanted wish to have children for a long time and the love I have for my son is so special and I will be forever grateful to my X-wife for that day when she gave birth to my son it was the greatest day of my life and my only wish has been to look after my son keep him safe.

But I find my self in a very dark place a crossroads not knowing what to do now lose everything I have worked for my entire life end up on the streets and be something that my son will be ashamed of all his life. Or look at taking my own life so he will have a few good memories of his father as I feel there is no way out for me. From the intimidation, bulling, and harassment and total incompetents of the uncontrolled CSA.


  • melanie parton says:

    Weve been through and still are a year after closure

    Good luck mate

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