CSA insist on payments continuing even though my daughter is not resident with her mother anymore

March 18, 2012

After 14 yrs my daughter has contacted me who I have been paying child maintenance for by dd, last yr she told her mother she wanted to find me and have contact with me. as such in December 2011 my daughter went into foster care after her mother apparently tried to suffocate her and abused her to the point police and social services got involved, so last month I contacted the CSA to say I would not be making any further payments to her mother as she was not resident or actually looking after my daughter, and I am visiting and having contact with my daughter and paying her direct with the possibility of her living with me in the future.

I have just got off the phone with a CSA case worker who has told me if I do not make and continue payments they will approach my employer for the money even though they have investigated and confirmed my daughter is not living with her mother but is in care.

They said it is because her mother is still claiming benefits. so they want me to pay money to somebody who is not looking after or living with my daughter and has in fact been involved with the police and social services for possible abuse to her.


  • bob says:

    Cancel the case and send a letter to the cmecs legal department and state a copy of this letter has been sent to your local mp

  • Carol says:

    Try to avoid the CSA going near your employer. If they put a DEO in place it will never come off your salary again.

    If the CSA are still taking payments then the mother must still be claiming benefits for her.

    Don’t listen to what the CSA say over the phone. They are economical with the truth. Write to them and head your letter complaint to make it obvious. If you approach your MP it will be dealt with quicker.

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