CSA injustice

January 15, 2011

I was under the incorrect assumption that the CSA was set up to locate and force errant non paying fathers to pay what they should be paying…. NOPE, sadly mistaken. It transpires that they are actually there to screw the people that are already paying. I have two friends with children whose fathers don’t pay a penny, yet my partner who has always paid maintenance first by a private agreement and then through the CSA is now being charged a ridiculous amount!!.

He has been paying £190 per month for ages and we got a letter just in time for the New Year (Happy New Year) stating it was going up to £280 per month PLUS £80 per month arrears on top!

He phoned to query this but they are not interested and appear to think that he can live on thin air!!!! The ironic thing is if we have a child together, guess what…. according the the calculator the payment would go down £6 per week. Oh, so my child could be bought up on £24 per month but the other kid who lives with two other children, that aren’t his and incidentally whose fathers pay NOTHING and a fat Mum on benefits costs the best part of £400 per month!!!! Funny that. The injustice of it all makes my blood boil and does an 8 year old really cost this much money to bring up! He would be better to give up work because what he hasn’t got they can’t take.

What a ludicrous system!!!!

When is something going to be done about this and men can pay realistic amounts?. They don’t even care whether he can afford to buy food for us!


  • John says:

    The most divisive and corrupt quango ever created!

    They are not interested in you or the children, they are interested in replacing benefit money paid out, in order to give themselves bonuses and pay M.P.’s expenses!

    Benefits the scourge of our society!

  • graeme says:

    Hi Debby

    If you think that £360 per month is a ridiculous amount… I am paying £486 per month with an additional £200 per month on top of that, therefore myy total in full is £686 per month.

    My son is 13 years old. My income is £1,685 per month, I have a naval pension of £435 per month, I pay rent of £400 per month… my fuel bill alone to and from work is £200 per month…

    I totally agree that the system is wrong. Why does it take £120 PER WEEK FOR A 13 YEAR OLD BOY.
    My ex wife, whom in the last year has been an absolute rock for me, offering good advice and help through some nasty personal situations, has even said it herself that the system is wrong. She is not a benefit grabber, but rather a teacher, whom at the moment is job shgaring and working part time. Now I personally think that she could go back to work full time, but this is her choice.

    This system we have in place is totally flawed, outdated, unworkable, but most of all and please forgive me for this totally sexist. It was set up by women to help women and screw men over with. There are many women out there who use their children as a weapon, or pay per view. These are the ones who have ruined this agency.

    I know that there are many fathers out there who have not paid a single penny towards their children. It is these scumbags that the agency should be tatrgeting, not the many fathers like myself, who want to pay, who see it as their duty to pay to ensure that their children are well looked after.


    Parents on both sides of the coin have the right to make new lives and families for themselves, but the agency do not see this. They have no isdea of reality. I am actually in favour of the idea of the CSA. But this has gotten out of hand and is now so poorly managed it is unworkable.

    My thoughts only. And i know the position your friends are in.

    Good luck to them and to yourself.


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