CSA increased their deductions with no explanation

July 11, 2012

Since April 2009 I have been paying CSA agreed maintenance to my ex-partner, equivalent to one-sixth of my monthly salary. In April 2012 the CSA began taking payments from my salary amounting to one third of my salary.

I have had no letter from them explaining why this reassessment took place, nor have they replied to my emails and letters which have included bank statements confirming the amount they have taken is one-third and not one-sixth of my salary.

I am now 2 months in arrears with my mortgage payments. What can I do? Wits end.


  • Daniel says:

    1/6 so I’m guessing you have 1 child right? If they have increased it it means you have arrears. Have they got your up to date address, mobile phone etc, if they don’t chances are they’ve been ringing the wrong number, thinking you’re ignoring them and then posting you a letter. If you’re address is wrong as you won’t have got the letters warning you about arrears and the like. My suggestion is ring them, check you details are up to date, and then discuss why the payments have increased. If you do have arrears and were paying approx 15% you would have only been paying the regular child maintenance and not taking anything off the arrears. Also make sure your other circumstances are up to date, if your income hasn’t been looked at for 3 years and its dropped since then, they won’t know until you tell them.

  • Peter says:

    Just had a CT order against my wage without any warning, my son stops with me over 156 nights a year (half the year) should I be paying anything?


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