CSA Incompetence

October 13, 2012

My daughter is 13 years old and I have been paying by DEO for several years. In the last 3 years the CSA did the usual trick of inventing arrears of just over £1000 which I agreed to pay.

In year 2 my payments did not seem to decrease and I queried this with the CSA they told me that more arrears had been found and it was due to the state. This annoyed me but I thought OK I will pay it, its one more year of being broke.

The 3rd year this happens again and I am now not amused, this time they tell me my employer has not been making payments. I query this with my employer and the company wage person directly they both tell me payments have been made.

Up to this point I had been making the error of speaking to the CSA via telephone and getting empty promises and different versions of a story each time I called.

After some research I found that you can get a statement of your account, without paying, from the CSA. So I asked for this via email. I received it promptly and after careful analysis find that there are missing payments (when compared with my wage slips) totalling £1905 spanning 3 years.

So the nightmare begins…I have written several letters to the CSA, firstly to confirm these payments are missing, why I haven’t been informed and why they haven’t been enforcing the DEO.

In the meantime I had a new baby in sept 2011, who has not been taken into account with my CSA payments despite now informing them 3 times by letter. They have even acknowledged that the payments should be altered, yet my new schedule low and behold is WRONG!

I have since received a letter from them claiming even though this £1905 has apparently disappeared it is my ‘responsiblity’!! This I cannot believe, during this saga I asked to be removed from DEO several times, but they certainly will not let go of that!

I am currently following their pathet complaint system, recently they have failed to respond in their proposed time limit, and I am continuing to seek some resolution this ridiculous charade.

All I want is to pay my child maintenance at the correct amount…IS THAT SO GOD DAMN DIFFICULT!!


  • Carol says:

    it is with the CSA!! I completely agree about the DEO – how on earth can you be held responsible when you do not have any action over the funds.

    Get your MP involved. We tried complaining ourselves aswell and it fell on deaf ears everytime, once our MP was involved we had an assigned person in the Parliamentary Correspondence Unit of the CSA to find out what was going on.

  • chall says:


    Was the DEO voluntary or enforced by the agency?

    Are the missing DEO payments from your current employer?

    Do you have your wage slips that show the deduction was made by your employer?

    The debt on your case will remain your responsibility until the matter is cleared.

    I would certainly query with the agency why they failed to contact you during the period that payments were due and not received by them and what contact they had with the employer at the time to try a resolve the issue.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Paul Reeves says:

    Hi chall,

    The DEO was enforced due to me being on a casual contract they took the fact that my wages varied wildly as refusal to pay.

    The missing payments are from my now ex-employer, having contacted him his original keeness to help has dwindled into him ignoring me and failing to respond to letters.

    I have all wage slips showing payments were made and where they are missing on my CSA account statement. This includes amounts of 400-500 pound over last christmas!

    I am have recently sent my 6th letter to the CSA regarding this matter and have yet to receive any kind of reasonable response, apart from telling me that it remains my responsiblity, I have no answers as to how this has come to be, why they have not chased my ex-employer? why I was not informed of missing payments?

    I am going to see my MP at their local clinic session in the next few weeks and see what they have to say about it.

  • chall says:


    You obviously need to establish whether the missing payments are due to your ex employer not passing over funds OR the CSA incorrectly processing such OR a combination of both.

    If you ex employer has defiantly NOT passed deducted funds to the CSA and the agency will not take the matter further (which they could do under The Child Support Act 1991 32(8)), you may be able take your ex employer to court to regain the money taken.

    Your right to keep to written correspondence. Also keep copies of every thing and send signed for.

    I would write again to your ex employer, stress the seriousness and urgency regarding the matter, not only for you but also themselves, as the ‘missing’ funds need to be accounted for and repaid.
    Request copies of their proof that such funds were sent to the CSA.

    I would also recommend applying for your Data Protection File including all notepad sections to be dated, there is a £10 fee, but once in receipt you should receive all the info the agency hold on you.


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