CSA inaction is completely wrong

September 2, 2014

In November 2013 my eldest child left his fathers home to return to live with me and his two brothers as we found permant residence from July of that year.

Both myself and his father started jobs I had been on jsa his dad had stopped working from the April but returned to employment so I hadn’t had any csa from him from the April or the back pay he owed.

When I contacted the csa in November nothing was sorted out as to his payments although I gave them his work details and I told them my son was with me in the months following I kept being told the same thing that nothing was sorted as to his payments but as my ex had not cancelled the child benifit or tax credits I had to pay him.

I did not claim child benifit as my son was not in full time education and I was not in tiled to it I contacted child benifit but it was only stopped in June even though he was fraudulently claiming from dec 2012 as my son quit college all information I gave to date.

I am working every hour I can to feed my 3 boys and csa are taking £25 a week from my wages in back pay although 7 moths of the 11 months he is not untitled to. I am still not receiving a penny from my ex and again this week (end of August) I was told by the csa it is still a nil case which means they still are not contacting him like they did me to get my payments.

I am struggling thanks to the no action taken this is all completely wrong.