CSA ignoring fact that I did not work

December 13, 2011

I split with my ex in 2004 and got with my new partner I was working a part time job and paying her maintenance in a cheque at the end of every month then comes the bomb shell she went to csa saying I owed her money a bit later the csa put an attachment of earnings on my wages which I was happy to pay then I changed job and csa got back in touch I told them my new job details and a year later I gave up work to take care of my new baby to my new partner I phoned the csa and told them that i had gave up work to take care of my new born son and was told of there operator that that was fine when I told them I would be in touch when I got a new job thats fine the operator said to me.

I also asked if it was possible to take money off my partners wages to pay for my eldest son and was told that wasn’t possible to do so left it like that.

A few weeks later I received a letter from csa with what I am supposed to pay in which I had already informed them that I had left work so I called them again and informed them again after that it went quite for a while, then out the blue yet another letter comes I thought must be a miss print as they had been informed twice now. I later moved to a new house with my son and partner lived there for a year and never heard anything off them so i thought all was good with it all. We later moved again after a further year no news off them which was good then we moved again after 2 years still nothing at all of them which I thought all was good yet again then me and my partner separated as things didn’t work for us, she moved out and left my son with me to bring up about a year later I was going to move in with my new partner, his mum said I wasn’t to take him away from her so I asked him if he would like to live with his mum, he said he would so he moved in with her and I moved down with my new partner I got with my new partner it was there about 3 weeks and bang a bomb shell I got a letter from the csa saying that I owed 6689.40 for the period 12 may 2004 too 22 mar 2011 which I knew was wrong as I hadn’t worked.

My ex had been the bread winner in our family which they couldnt touch her wages at all I was told by the operator so I phoned them up and was told it was going to the enforcement department so I phoned them up I told them I still wasn’t working had been in full time care of my youngest son, I also mentioned the phone calls I had made earlier on in 2004 to them and was told there was no record of the calls on there system so it went to the enforcement department.

I later got another letter saying they were going to take me to court for a liability order against me so I phoned them up yet again and told them I don’t owe that much and asked them to recalculate it and got told the calculations was right they took me too Dover court which is miles away from where I live and couldn’t get to to prove my point.

They got there liability order over me I now have bailiffs coming to the house for a debt I don’t owe I was told by citizens advice they would need prove I was working before they could apply to the court for a liability order then I phoned them and asked them about it which they said was untrue citizens advice was basically lying they say, so I got no further forward with them and still have bailiffs coming to take all my partners stuff from the house which in when I moved down I just brought my clothes how can that be fair she dont owe them any thing the csa is a big joke in its self they need to learn to do there jobs properly and stop blaming the father they need to listen to both sides to storys there are two partys not just the mothers.

My eldests mums ran off with him with no contact at all to let me know where she had moved to and changed her mobile number I haven’t seen him in 8 years where is the justice in that?

By the way this is the one i am writing about who ran off. The CSA had the proof of my bank statements that I did not work from May 2004 till present but are not taking these into consideration as the liability order has already been placed.

I have no idea what else to do now.


  • janet says:

    Did you inform them your change of address when u moved? They don’t need bank statement they have power to contact inland revenue also when did u start working again

  • Bob says:

    The CSA are correct, they don’t need to prove anything. The law is that any liability orders are automatic, regardless of “evidence”.

    As people often say here. Guilty until prooved innocent. Head on over to http://www.dadtalk.co.uk and post on the legal eagle forums there.

  • james says:

    no as i had already told them that i would be intouch when i was working again and was assured of the operator on the phone all was ok when i made phone call to them

  • janet says:

    Well it common sense that they needed your new address to keep in contact

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