CSA ignores travel costs if you’re refused access

December 2, 2011

Can I just say its all so heartbreaking to hear people arguing and the resentment towards comments posted here just makes you realise what a big problem this is.

My story is that for 8 years I was an absent parent whom was classed as self-employed. I was able to pay myself a basic wage and this is what the CSA based its calculation. Although this was not well receieved by the lone parent, it did mean that my son could enjoy seing both sets of parents.

For the last two years however I have now gone into full time employment and as such the CSA has calculated that it costs £500 for a single child payment (pcm). As such, I cannot affort to see my son anymore (I live in Sheffield, whilst he lives in London).

It really cuts me up everytime I call him on the phone. The CSA don’t take travel costs into consideration (as you need to establish contact for this to happen). Furthermore the CSA does not care about the contact as this is not related to the maintnenace.

The lone parent now has a new partner and moved into his home (whom was provided by his former wife being killed in a horrible accident). I cannot ever see her going back to work as she is nearly 40 and been out of work since my son was born 10 years ago. Financially she is better off than myself and does not need to work anymore.

I would hate to think that I needed to rely upon the government or other parent to subsitute earnings, but I do question that I now have very little involvement with my son and no influence on his upbringing – no wonder so many people try and cheat the CSA.

From my part, I cannot wait to go self-employed again soon one day…


  • janet says:

    Can you not get access establish surely your ex should realise how lucky she is!

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