CSA ignores my private arrangement to pay direct

April 10, 2011

My wife and i divorced 7 years ago and i signed a consent order agreeing to only take from our 233k equity 18% (40K) of my 40%. Leaving her the rest which would be in payment of maintenance for my children, so basically she kept 82% of 233k. Since then she has gone to the CSA and they have over ruled the consent order and i am being forced to pay £320 a month ontop of the 44K i left in the house.

The consent order was passed through court and is water tight so i cannot claim any of the remainder equity i left for my children because im paying CSA. so by doing the right thing by my children and making sure i left the money for them she is now taking even more from me.

Speaking to the CSA they are not concerned with any prior agreement we might of had and say its for the welfare of the children making me out to be a father that doesnt want to pay up…but in fact ill be doing it twice!!!


  • Emma says:

    My husband is going through exactly the same as you right now. Except the ex is lying to the. And saying she gets nothing. It’s disgusting how fathers are treated, our lives are upside down at the moment and it is an enormous strain on our marriage. I do not understand why these greedy women are allowed to get away with their behaviour and lies. I don’t knownwhat to say except I’m sorry I know exactly what you are going through right now.

  • Carrie says:

    I know this is an old post but we have been/are in the same position.I want to know if Emma had a good outcome because we are going round in circles with the CSA/MP.Got our Data file ,won at a tribunal to have our children acknowledged which CSA said wasn’t possible.Why are they so quick to believe the PWC over us .Where is the Justice in that !!We have to pay everything again !!

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