CSA ignored our private arrangement

January 12, 2012

I had a claim through the CSA in 2007/2008 the payments were made correctly and on time..then the last 3months money wasn’t being paid into my account,so me and my ex decided to make arrangements ourselves and stopped using the CSA. Now how many years on I recieved a letter asking me if i would like them to collect the arrears owing to me from my ex partner…I said no we have a peronal arragement and asked them to close my case completely.

Then 3days later I received a letter saying that I owe them £1600.00 due to an overpayment.I also recieved a letter saying that they would start collecting my money I was owed off my ex..then another mans name was also on the letter whom I have never even heard of. I then had a phone call from my ex saying that he would no longer be able to pay me any maintainance for my daughter anymore as the CSA were deciding to do an attachment of earnings order for the arrears he owed.

They told him to pay me a minimum fee of £2.50per week from now on as he has to pay them? Now how are they allowed to do this? We have had our own arrangement for over 2years with no problems what so ever…can you give me any advice on what to do? Thankyou Soraya


  • chall says:

    Hi soraya,

    Can you clarify…

    Were YOU claiming any benefits in 2007/2008 or at any time whilst the CSA were involved?

    Did YOU (as the PWC) officially close the case with the CSA?

    What date did your case commence & what date did you and you ex come to your arrangement?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • soraya says:

    Hello…the only thing I was claiming was child and working tax credits I couldn’t even claim housing and council tax benefit because of my maintainance payments from CSA. We made our own arrangement september 2009.

  • soraya says:

    Also the case was supposed to be officially closed in september 2009. When i last spokje to them they said they kept it open for a short ammount of time incase the arrangement didn’t work out. Apparentley it has now been closed on the 29th december 2011 that is when I recieved the letter saying that I had been overpayed.

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