CSA humiliated me at work

January 5, 2012

My wife and I seperated in January 2006. I set up a standing order to pat child support calculated on 15% of my net salary for my only child. This was paid as a transfer into a former joint bank account.

I divorced my wife in 2008 and in December 2008 I contacted her to advise her that I was no longer prepared to pay child support into a joint bank account and asked her for the details of her sole bank account for a standing order payment to be set up.

Her response was to refer matters to the CSA. I wrote to the CSA and asked them if it was necessary for involvement of the CSA as all I needed was details of my ex wifes bank account. The response of the CSA was to ignore my letter and to go straight ot my wages department to obtain salary details.

This caused me a particular problem I work in local government finance and my personal finances are expected to be beyond approach. By contacting my wages department the CSA could have caused serious employment problems from me. Fortunately I did not suffer any serious consequances.

I did have to suffer a humiliating telephone interview at work and I had to make card payments to the CSA avoid an attachment of earnings being put into place. When I complained to the CSA they aplogised for noto responding to me before going to my wages department.

When I asked the CSA why I was a priority case I was advised that my wife had the right to get a CSA judgenment.

I pid the CSA from june 2009 to April 2011 whin I was made redundant. I now have new employment.

I have several complaints about how my changed circumstances have been dealt with by the CSA as follows.

1. I have been told that I am in arrears of £1,228, in a letter dated 2nd September from the CSA. I have contacted the CSA by phone and been told to provide proof of payment. I have done so in the form of abank statement. This was returned to me without any further comment. Four mnoths on and I have heard nothing further. I am still living under the threat of an attachment of earnings with all that this means.

2. Once again the CSA have contacted my new employers wages department, before I had my third pay slip, despite providing one payslip and promising two more when I received them.

3. Despite informing the CSA that I would only communicate with them in writing I have received another phone call from the CSA.

4. I informed the CSA that I was being made redundant in plenty of time and asked them to inform my ex wife (twice) they failed ot do os and I had further difficult contact with my ex wife.

I have made a conplaint to the CSA and had no reponse.

Taking an holistic view of the whole situation,I take the view that I have been the subject of harrasment by the CSa. I have paid child support since seperating from my ex wife six years ago. Voluntarily for three years. In return I have had nothing but haraassmen form the CSA.e


  • bob says:

    Unlucky john.

    The CSA are scum, pure and simple. They often plead their staff are on minimum wage… Well if over £7.50+ is nmw rock on.

  • joanne says:

    If you feel that the csa are not listening to your complaint then its mp time and make a complaint to ICE about the way you have been treated. Good luck.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Don’t not deal with the CSA over the telephone in any way whatsoever only in writing and keep the correspondence years after the child involved is over 18.
    If the CSA contact you at work tell them you are not allowed private telephone calls besides you do not take CSA paperwork to your place of employment.
    Tell them to write to you and you will respond and politely terminate the phone call.
    You are at a disadvantage dealing with the CSA in your place of employment and the CSA exploit the situation.

  • John says:

    This happened to me and it was highly emabarassing as a work colleague shouted over “it’s the CSA for you”. They really are low life scum the CSA!

    A girl from the CSA got my home phone number and rang me at home. I asked where she got my number from and she called me a ‘horrible man’. I’m not disputing that, but do I ring her at home, so I tld her to f’off, put the phone down on her and made another complaint! It is harassment!

    I get everything in writing. I have my filed marked NO telephone contact!

    As Bob says, at some time or stage in the future, somebody will take these tossers to the Human rights courts and WE will win, and get this shambles shut down!

  • steven wheeler says:

    my ex wife lied to the csa about private payments made to her in all around £50.000 ! they have persecuted me for 6yrs! they have got me dismissed from my job making me homeless! WHY CANT I HAVE A FORMAL INTERVIEW(under oath if necessary) i’m on the verge of another nervous breakdown! i really need some help! the thought of dealing with them is making me suicidal

  • Badger says:

    It may be too late for you now – but it may be of use for others to use: all you needed to do was to ask your ex to open a new account that the csa money could be payed in to for your child. This account would then be for your child and would be used by your ex for the childs new clothes, food, trips etc etc etc.
    It would be a help for her as well to know that she had this money in the account for your/her child.
    All she needs to do is go to the bank and explain to them what the account is for and they will do the rest. She then gives the account number to the CSA and that is then set-up.

  • Carrie says:

    We paid CM into our pwc own bank account for years & have every bank statement to prove this but the CSA actually let the pwc decide if this was CM because some pwc’s say they have been left in debt in the family home !! We can also prove that any debts from their marriage were paid off or taken on by my husband and the pwc even had a cash payout from the divorce when the house was sold !! It is unbelievable the CSA wont even look at our proof but are making us pay it all again.I feel we may be eligible to compensation in the future- I believe this isn’t justice to be treating honest nrp & nrpp like this.They are not listening to us & not leaving enough consideration for our son that lives in our home. We don’t even get tax credits wtc,ctc, because they calculate this BEFORE quarter of our income goes to the pwc.( who gets full ctc,wtc,reduced council tax,free school meals,school trips, dentist ,prescriptions, optician,and EMA- as course started before it stopped ! We cant even afford to be ill or have dental treatment (us adults) ! We need the Government to realise the balance has tipped too far in favour of the pwc in this sort of case ! There is nothing we can do at present ,we just have to pay & be compliant or you are seen as trouble makers who don’t want to pay for your children This is certainly not the case !We paid once, we shouldn’t have to have our son go without- to pay it again !! I can see a lot of these cases coming to light in the future from all the comments I have read on sites like yours !!

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