CSA helped themselves to money from my bank

December 5, 2012

I am extremely angry, frustrated and stressed I have tried explaining to the CSA and either they do not understand or they choose to ignore me. They continue to harass me by phone especially of a weekend. I get to see my son once a fortnight on Saturday and Sunday and the last thing I want is for the CSA to keep phoning me and disturbing my time with my son and it is certainly not appropriate to be discussing matters like this when there is a child present. I find when I speak to them their attitudes leave a lot to be desired.

I have explained time and time again that I have no problems paying for my son’s upkeep, I am already doing that by paying the £400.00 mortgage, an agreement made between myself and my ex wife in the presence of the judge hearing the divorce and if I stop paying this the house will be repossessed, where will my son be then. I certainly can not afford to pay both mortgage and maintenance although the CSA want me to pay £39.00 per week (£160 per month approx) less than what I am paying already I may add and the irony is the CSA agreed that I shouldn’t be paying both.

I have told them this matter is in the hands of the Solicitors as part of on going financial divorce matters they ignored me . My ex wife has a new partner of over a year who works full time and who she has a 7 month old child with and is living with her in the ex marital rent free we are requesting either her new partner buys my share of the house, after all he has lived there nearly a year rent free or the house is put up for sale and we split the proceeds of the sale. Then I will pay through the CSA, I appreciate they have a job to do, but I have never stopped paying for my son and never will and they speak to you like you are a criminal. My ex wife has breached the agreement we made in front of a judge by going to the CSA they know this but I was still dismissed. I know you wont be particularly interested in my details but by reading below you can see that I have not abandoned my responsibilities after everything my ex wife has put me through:

I split up with my ex wife when after me working for 12 hrs coming home to no dinner again she locked me out of the marital home at 11.00 pm in just my boxers and T-shirt, throwing after me a pair of trousers and a pair of her shoes, my keys –minus the front door key and a black bag of various personal items, leaving me to make my way to find somewhere to sleep. This was her punishment for my in her mind infidelity with various people of both sexes.

At first the split was relatively amicable and we agreed that it would be better If I continued to pay the mortgage instead of paying maintenance direct for our 3yr old son , this way they would always have a roof over their heads, this agreement was also addressed in court and agreed to with the judges consent.

I have also ended up paying off some of my ex wife’s debts which she refused to acknowledge, these included her share of the council tax arrears and current bill after I left – she was putting bailiffs letters though my families letter boxes and giving my new address to bailiffs.

The mortgage, this was going direct from my bank account into the then joint mortgage account, when I received a letter to say the mortgage had not been paid for several months and they were looking at repossessing the house, confused I phoned the bank only to be told the arrears totalled nearly £1500 and whilst I was on the phone to the bank the last £60.00 was removed from the account. I then closed the account and opened a new one and set up a direct debit to cover the mortgage and the arrears which my ex wife had accrued, her reply when she found out the old account was closed was a text messages saying “f**k U”.

All this has been going on while she systematically tried to stop me having any contact with my son, I sent all this to the CSA via the post and email, I was ignored again and today I have realised the CSA have gone straight to my bank and taken out nearly £200.00 inc £1.00 admin charges, so this month my ex wife has had nearly £600.00 pound this month, more than half my wages. I do not see how I can cope with this.


  • Smithy says:

    First thing is you’ll get no sense out of them talking to them on the phone. Write them this letter by recorded delivery and you can then deal with them when your feeling like it.

    As far as I understand the CSA take priority over any other agreement you may have in place. Why can’t your ex-wife not use the money you pay to the CSA to pay the mortgage if she wants to stay in the house. As you say there just isn’t enough to go around so she will have to compromise at some level. You may need to go back to court to change the divorce agreement but the courts are much more reasonable than the CSA so you are better off handling the CSA and paying them and then dealing with the court as it comes up.

    Reference Number : 0000000000

    Date : XX/XX/XX

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have recently received correspondence from the CSA. I am requesting all contact is completed in writing and I do not wish to receive telephone contact from this point on.

    Yours sincerely

  • Alice says:

    if your ex has opened a case with the csa they have to pursue this, you will have been contacted by telephone and letter previously and advised of the assessment, you are legally obliged to pay this or the csa can, and will, take enforcement action to recover the arrears. from what you have said it sounds like they have done this by a Deduction Order.

    If your ex agreed in a court hearing not to aplpy for CM via CSA in return for you paying the mortgage then clearly she has breached the agreement – as such your solicitor should be dealing with this.

    If your ex and son still reside in the house you are paying the mortgage for you can apply for a variation order on your csa case, you should do this sooner rather than later as it will only apply from the date that you make application.

  • rach says:

    if i were you it would be time to give your ex an ultimatum either she drops the csa case and you continue your original agreement towards the mortgage or you stop paying the mortgage and let her deal with it. she cant have it both ways she cant expect you to pay twice greedy woman!

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