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CSA have rinsed me and I’m determined to fight back!

For the last 7 years the CSA have rinsed my earnings and even when I was out of work and received no benefits the CSA have been still charging me for my two children and my eldest is 19 and the CSA are still taking money for her, I pay for my children but the CSA have no write to still take money for her as she is not in further education and is old enough to work.

My other child who is 13 now I pay for to but he is in education and my youngest child is 3 and I find it hard to even take them places due to the CSA and there charges, we’ll I do know that the manner from the CSA is of a bullying manner to intimidate and scare parents and just rinsing there earnings.

I have rang the CSA to discuss my case only for the staff to tell me that they can take what they want and there’s nothing I can or could do about it hmmmm beating in mind that all calls are recorded and monitored but here’s the thing the calls don’t get monitored at all and staff are untrained rude and very front with there ways of dealing with us, I have called them at least 158 times and every time it’s the same they say well your wages is our bank account and we will rinse u, and I say to that look here CSA I’m human with rights and I will fight back and in reflection to the mental health act of 1998 which is there to protect people’s well being and no government body or figure may not use there power in such a manner to inflict or obtain any wealth from another public body, the CSA are private run and not by the CSA are only linked to the. Government, the CSA staff on a commission based pay so thats why they will not reason with a person coz they only see the £££££££££££££££. I no longer feel the need to live tbh and that hurts real bad so I only have one choice and that’s to fight back.

One thought on “CSA have rinsed me and I’m determined to fight back!

  1. Hello there

    The CSA and its draconian system have messed you up real good. It is part of the embryo of a police state which I taking place in this nation and creeping up on us; slowly choking the life out of its citizens. It’s a conspiracy to deplete us of every asset we have.

    Even the governments so called plan to rid the roads of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040 is part of the conspiracy to control us. The plan is to introduce electric cars which the governments own. The cars will containing tracking devices, cameras and so to monitor our every move.

    How is all this relevant? I hear you say. Because the CSA is part of it. It is designed to take away our assets, to drive us to dispair and suicide. It has nothing to do with child poverty. That simply is a smoke screen.

    It does not mean we do not have the means to fight this evil and wicked system. You need specialist help to fight back my friend. Don’t attempt it on your own or it will destroy you.

    I would be happy to discuss your case further and see what I can do to help you. Just drop me a line.

    Take care.

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