CSA Have Never returned my calls after nearly 13 years

January 30, 2012

Oh where to start, Long and short of it is this, my Son is 13 in september,We know who the father is, The father lives in the same town , We know his address and registration plate for car, His wifes name also..

All this info was given to the CSA, yet I never ever get any contact from them at all, I have been calling them for years, each time i do call all i ever get told is that, its not this department that deals with it then i get passed to god knows who, and take contact detaisl from them as they do me. Everytime I call the case has gone ” Clerical ” for some reason, i have never asked for this nor been notified of this until i make contact, I am told clerical means that it is now n paper form and no longer on the system?? Why? Anyway the one time someone actually looked into this for me was sometime last year. When they say they paid a visit to the house.. I told them not to visit during a specific week as he would be away on his honeymoon, guess hwen they said they visited..

Unbelievable.. anyway they said that someone else ansered and that he denied being the person in question, Obvioulsy, So it was dropped, No further action, no further visits? I am told that a mandatory weekly fee of £30 per week is added to his debt util found.. i dont understand why this is so difficult, i know his address He still lives there yet no -one has paid any interest for nearly 13 years ??

they have made contact with him before and they also know his parents address, the reason i know this is because a DNA test was done to confirm that He was the father..

What Am I to do when the system is clearly failing me and he is literally laughing about it, I see him ofter in the area as does my son.. who do i contact who can help me. please anybody..


  • chall says:


    You should escalate your case to a clearly marked complaint, give as many details as you can, including dates etc and copy in your local MP – keep copies of everything and post signed for delivery.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • karen bedford says:

    Clerical is because they dont know what to do! Or too difficult for them to deal with, but you have to do more than call, you have to put everything in writing.

  • anita says:

    they wil just keep fobbin you off i ring somtimes 2 times a week,my advice is when you ring make sure you have pen and paper with you and ask for your case workers name , so that everytime you ring u can ask 2 speak to the same person each time ring everyweek ask to speak 2 your case worker give all the details and your concerns and after a month u stil have no result or getting any further 4ward tell them u want to speak to there manager and make a complaint about your case worker bcos it is the whose incharge of your case , as im going through very simliar 2 your self they can get in touch with his employer and request his payment details for him and his wife , and the employer are legally have 2 provide the information as i hav had go down this rd ……ring every week dont give inn 🙂 x

  • joanne says:

    Anita I agree that nrps should be financially responsible, but what’s his wifes income got to do with yours and his children? I’m responsible for my children and wouldnt like my ex’s new partner money for our kids, sorry it doesnt sit nice to me. Would you like your income paying for someone else’s children?

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