CSA have my money but will not pay me

January 26, 2012

After 4 years of evading the CSA (due to their sheer incompetance), my ex-husband was finally issued with an attachment-of-earnings order. I had received 4 payments and then in November, my usual payment date came and went, with no money.

I have had to telephone the CSA, regarding this matter, so many times over the last 2 and a half months – they never ring back and they fob me off and even lie…the short version is that because my ex’s employer recruited an external payroll agency to handle the wages, at the end of October; when the payments come in, they “do not recognise” who the money is from/for…bearing in mind that the employer has told them, in writing, that this payroll company is who they are using from now on. The CSA tell me that because the payroll company have not put any names of recipients with the payment, they cannot prove it is my money!

Seeing as there is only myself and two others who have a NRP employed by this company and that the amount they sent to the CSA is MORE than enough to pay all three of us what we are owed – I suggested that they pay out and sort their own admin cock-ups in their own time but apparently, they cannot do this! I have found the staff to be obstructive, rude and totally unhelpful – they literally do not give a monkeys that they have £800 of MY money in their bank account.

I have formally complained and am still awaiting a response and also contacted my local MP who’s PA telephoned me yesterday to say she would see what do.

The nightmare continues…


  • JAY says:

    Ok so as they have told you the error is down to the employer, you still want to blame the CSA? totally confusing, if someone paid some money into a bank and forgot to put an account number on would you expect the bank to pay out to you and sort the admin later???!!!

  • Allie says:

    The initial issue may well have been with the employer but the CSA are well aware that this is my money – the company have sent them proof of this, more than once!…I fail to see how it is acceptable that a mere couple of phonecalls to sort what is really a minor issue, should take almost 3 months and counting…not to mention the rude and obstructive staff They my issues – try reading the post properly before putting unhelpful comments in the future.

  • Terry says:

    Its not your money its your childrens money.

  • chall says:


    As the agency did not pass money taken from the NRP for CS to the PWC, for previous months, then technically it IS the PWC money, as they presumably covered the short fall for that period.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Allie says:

    Thanks chall – at last, a helpful comment.
    Terry – the money is supposed to come to ME to help provide for my children but then I am sure you know exactly what I meant…just another pointless post. For a forum designed to air your grievences with the CSA and hope to get a bit of support, it just seems to attract rude/arrogant people – in my case anyway. What a pity.

  • Jay says:

    how is it fair that the PWC claims all the benefits and CS if i have our son 50% of the time? i have a residence order issued by the court stating we have 50?50 shared care but the CSA said that this document is null in void in their eyes? I think that the benefits should be split 50?50 and no CS should be paid. this just forces the NRP to resent the ex even more and feels that the CSA is a disgrace. the money is suppose to be for the child and not the ex!

  • Allie says:

    Jay – I totally agree with your last comment, in your situation – it is absolutely unfair.
    I however, look after my children single-handedly as their father has not bothered to even contact them for 4 years – completely by his own choice, I have and would never tell him he couldn’t see them. I also work as many hours as I can rather than sitting on my backside claiming every benefit going so am doing my best to help myself. I simply want to have what money we are entitled too so that my children don’t miss out on things…after all, their father is out there earning 30k plus a year! The CSA needs a serious overhall in my opinion.

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