CSA have made it unaffordable to live with my partner

November 21, 2012

I am well and truly sick of the CSA. I have been with my husband on and off for 6 years. For the last 2 years though on. We have 2 kids together and he has 4 with an ex. My husband and I both work, I am on maternity leave at the mo tho. His ex has never worked a day in her life. She has a council place, the council pay her rent, council tax etc. She was in Now magazine a couple years ago bragging about how she receives 34000 a year in benefits and she doesn’t care. The CSA have been hounding for the last 12 months now. Demanding he pays amounts worked out on incorrect information. Everytime I ring to make sure the have assessed it on the correct circumstances they completely ignore what I tell them and carry on on false information.

There is now arrears for the last year of £2000. My husband is self employed and the business profit last year was £1360. He has now got to move out as I can’t afford to keep living with him.

He has no problem paying for his kids, he offered to set up an account and pay money directly in there every week but his ex didn’t want that. I don’t have a problem with him paying for his kids but I flat refuse to pay out of my money. When challenging the CSA I made the point of before I had my 2 kids I was earning 200 a week through full time work, and I now get that through tax credits as I can’t work full time. They can use my tax credits to give his ex, but if I was earning that they cant use my earnings.


If I didn’t have my kids I wouldn’t claim tax credits! I was told thats just what they do. The fact she makes no effort to work is irrelevent, the fact shes moved 160 miles away is irrelevent, the fact that my husband gives his daughter money, credit whatever when she asks is irrelevent as thats a gift. WTF is relevent!?


  • Alice says:

    if WTC is paid on the basis of teh NRP being the primary earner this is classes as part of the NRP’s income – if it is paid on the basis of the NRP partner being the primary earner it is not classed as NRP income. If CTC is paid it is always classed as income to the household and is use as income for the purpose of the maintenance calculation.
    Your husband will receive a 20% allowance off his income in respect of the children he has in his household before the assessment is made. His assessment for 4 children will be 25% of his net income (including any tax credits) less any allowance he has for shared care

    The Agency do not consider the PWC’s income when making an assessment.

  • gonk says:

    what id like to know is WHY in gods name does the the csa Not consider the income of the pwc…..how the hell can this be fair?
    how is it that this system is so heavely weighted in favour of the pwc and it can bleed a nrp dry of cash and ruin his life,break up new relationships and take money from his new siblings?
    WHY AND HOW can the pwc not be assessed and a decision made on what she actually needs.For example,she lives in a huge new house with a very wealthy new partner whom her and her kids have to want for nothing,new car,hols 2-3 times a year,designer clothes on her and her kids.HOW THE HELL is this morally right that the csa dont consider any of this…this system stinks,it make me want to puke because of the unfair,unjust daylight legal robbery of stealth tax it enforces on hard working honest fathers who have done nothing wrong in trying to do good by their kids and yet is branded a criminal by this scum because of the way it treats him,even when the mother walks out on him for no good reason other than she couldnt keep her legs closed and yet he is the one punished for it..no wonder this system is soooo good for any woman out their who can have kid after kid and claim csa from all the different fathers and have a council house given to her and her council tax paid,all the benefits under the sun…lol..I tell we are mugs and these people are laughing at us…have a child guys and get a heavy financial chain forced around your ankle by the treasury and he hold the key for the next 20 yrs.

  • Kim says:

    Just for information he left her, and he actually was on Jermey Kyle havibg DNA tests as she was sleeping with his brothers the whole time, unfortunately all the kids were his, but he has tried to provide and all you get from her is that hes a sperm doner. Well as far as I am aware, sperm doners have no legal obligation to finance a child! The point I was trying to make is that the CSA are using my CTC in the calculation, whether we are together or not i would still receive that. W

  • gonk says:

    just for your information
    the point im trying to get across is the csa if unfair towards any nrp…it it takes NO considering into outgoings,bills etc.
    but the pwc usually the mother does not get assessed on how much income she gets elsewhere and have what the csa rob from the father adjusted accordingly,balance the scales if you like and make it fair….it does not…yes indeed there are dickheads like the one you speak of,these scumbags piss me off big time to because its these arsholes that the csa seem to let go as they deem them to much hard work to persue,therefore they pick on easy targets like me..the good old honest hard working dad on the paye system who believes in the basic principal of providing for his child even if the bitch of an ex removed his child from his life.But the system is not fair.

  • Kim says:

    I know exactly what your saying gonk. My husband is more than willing to pay for his kids but what they are saying hes got to pay is more than his earnings, so they want to bump it up with my CTC. That money is for my kids, not hers. Of the joint income of 1100 a month, the csa think its acceptable to have 600 of it to cover payments, and the arrears that theyv made a complete hash of. 500 to cover all outgoings and feed 4 people, i’d like to see them live off it.

  • Alice says:

    @ Gonk – an NRP (whether male or female) has a responsibility to pay towards the upkeep of their children, regardless of the circumstances of the break-up.
    @ Kim – CTC or WTC can be physically paid to one person but the claim is joint so the law allows for this to be considered as part of the NRP’s income, the same as if an NRP is named as a dependant on their partner’s JSA claim- the NRP gets an allowance for any children in their household, whether they are the NRP’s biological children or children their current partner has from a previous relationship. If your partner is paying more per week than his regular maintenance calculation this will be due to arrears.

  • Kim says:

    Alice I know how the CSA work. What I’m saying is that it is wrong. They take no consideration into personal expenses or the income or the PWC. And what makes me even madder is the fact is this country is in recession yet as of 2010 the PWC gets the CSA payments aswel as there benefits for sitting on their arse smoking and drinking all day. If they stopped overpaying lazy sods the country would have hell of a lot more money!

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