CSA have lost hundreds of pounds of my money

July 19, 2011

CSA took 6 years to realise that my ex could easily afford to support our 4 children. The first payment left their account but never arrived in mine on May 26th 2011. First excuse was a sort code error. Since then I have been asked to prove, in three different ways as they can’t make up their mind how or where they need the information, that I have not received this money.

They now say that they have recieved my proof and that it has been sent to the correct office for investigation. I was told this morning that I would not get my money until they had found out where it has gone and retrieved it. They have admitted that it could have been sent to the wrong person. I am being made to feel like a liar and an irritating nusiance. This proplem would not even have been discovered had I not rung up wondering where my payments were.

My other concern is that three different offices have copies of my bank statements!


  • tom says:

    Think you’ll find it’s your children’s money!!!!!!!

  • jade says:

    hi their i am experiencing the same thing at the moment my daughters father has made three months worth of payments and has proven it to me on his pay slips. but yet csa are stating no such payments have been recieved of yet. what do i?

  • Miles says:

    Jade Support your children yourself.

  • kerry says:

    I am experiencing the same thing myself, i have waited over a year for a payment through the csa, and thats not through fault of my daughters father, he has actually been one of a rare breed of compliant fathers, but yet csa still mess up and lose my DAUGHTERS maintenance (for your information tom and miles)

  • leanne jones says:

    Jade deserves that payment I’m sure she does support her children are u another non complient dad miles

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