CSA have left me desperate

July 19, 2014

I split from my ex girlfriend 21 years ago, 6 years ago they contacted me about saying they wanted the arrears of £38,000.

After many arrguments, it was put down to £21,000, which i was forced to sell my home to pay it off, so i lost my home, now after living at my present rented property, for 6 years, they contacted me saying they want the other £17,000.

They already have done an attachment of my wages of £50,00 per week without even do a means form, im on minimum wages £6.40 per hour and im in a rented house, i cant buy food or pay bills now, im certain this is all wrong, can somebody help me please, im desperate.


  • jo says:

    Have you even questioned the arrears to see if they’re correct? Demand a breakdown.

    I would see your mp asap to get the deo lowered to a more affordable amount whilst you query their claims.

  • Di roe says:

    I get 6.48 an hour and work 35hrs yet theyre taking £126 a month off me..so know exactly how u feel.they are bastards n so rude when u speak to them.they dont care how ure gonna live just that you pay what they want nott what u can afford or whats rreasonable! !

  • James Hampson says:

    New CSA will soon be rolled out to N R Fathers…..

    I will tell you how it will affect me & you may be able to compare?

    Firstly I have seen my two sons for 4 years in August 2014. Yes went to court & lost my custody battle.

    Old CSA payments
    Right My current CSA is £450 per month never missed a payment………

    New CSA rules (If i CAN get a family based agreement)
    I will pay £152 pounds per week or £658 per month…

    New CSA rules if i CANT get a family based agreement)
    I will pay £182 pounds per week or £788 per month.

    Under the new CSA rules if the CSA administer the payments it will cost me a whopping £338 MORE…..

    Thanks CSA

  • James Hampson says:

    Sorry I haven’t seen my sons for 4 years

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