CSA have hounded me for years

August 22, 2014

Fifteen years I paid CSA fifteen years of hell I was earning 200 pounds a week and what did the corrupt conservative government do they took 90.00 pounds a week off me.

I argued with the scum bags for years they just decided to do what they want a***holes I’ve paid my due and demands I’m 56 and they hound me.

In 2012 I received a letter to say that I had paid all wow I thought great then 12 months after what did the scum do sent me a letter to say I owe 1200 pounds back payment they told me that Belfast had lost all my details but they rem my address.

I challenged them all I got was up go to jail if they hadn’t of stopped payments from me I’d owe nowt but now they say. Theve got an enforcement order and req 25 pounds week there screwing me driving me to suicide b*****ds they then said they’d take my car TV bed cooker fridge.

My ex has 250.000 pounds in bank and me funk all my data 250.000 in bank and I’ve not seen her since she was 8 years old what I could tell u abt our corrupt system.


  • Woody says:

    Join csaripoffs on facebook and join the fightback, introduce yourself there and do a write up of what’s been happening to you, help and advice will be given, most of all you will get support from fellow victims of th CSA.
    One day very soon these individuals who are treating people like this will be trying to defend themselves in court.
    I don’t think the statement it’s for the children will save them.


  • kenneth says:

    These people are just scum no morals if I packed up work shed get 5.00 pounds a fortnight I sent receipts into the CSA and two years later still not got them back not one member of Parliament wants to know I do agree that we should pay but you know I’ll be dead be fore I pay this off the CSA people don’t even speak to you they demand all you get is we work for the govement bull shit the CSA is a jumped up law to themselves scum the lot of them I sold a caravan ex wife got 2000 pounds the CSA won’t accept that they say it was a gift there full of bull

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