CSA have driven me out of work

July 14, 2009

I have two children. my two year old i see regulary and i have no problem providing financial assistance. my other child is eight this year. i have not seen him since early 2003 when despite there being a court order his mother simply stopped contact and dissapeared. i have tried and tried to find him with no help whatsoever. the csa are now paying his criminal mother almost 4 times as much as my younger son gets. i was told twice that by switching both children to the new rules my assessment would decrease, it actually doubled!!! i cannot now put a roof over my head.

I have just been signed off work and put on anti depressants and sleeping tablets. they have been told that they are risking my relationship with my younger son because at any point his mother could stop me seeing him because of my medical condition. as far as my older son is concerned i was no more than a sperm donor. it really is disgusting that this agency which is government run supports criminals and offers every assistance to them. the agency is in a diabolical state and just seems to chase and hound the easy targets and then annihilate their lives again and again.


  • chall says:


    Your 1st case has been subjected to phasing. When did your 2nd case commence with the agency?

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  • jo says:

    now hqw u feel .csa taking just under half my wages and its not agreat wage .cant even get a better wage they just take more.struggle to pay bills while she;s of on holiday.at my wits end

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