CSA have destroyed my life with my new partner

August 28, 2011

13 years ago my wife left me and took my 2 kids with her.

The csa got involved and due to me living 100 miles away from them and having my kids for over 104 nights a year it was classed as joint custody.

After 13 years I’ve had a phone call from csa at Falkirk, i now owe over 1500 pounds. I was spoken to like dirt and was told i will pay one way or another.

The last time i ever spoke to them they told me they paid my ex too much money and it was down to me to pay it back. They asked me if i knew who i spoke to, what year and time.

Can anybody help me as i still see my kids every weekend and have a 1 year old with my present partner , they have rung up and blown my life apart once again and say i should pay it back over 2 years at 60 pound a month, please help.


  • sarah briers says:

    Your not alone csa have taken not only our money but my husbands health and our faith in anything, but contact your MP ours has been fantastic and we now have someone fighting our corner n dealing with them don’t take anything they say as gospel either goodluck

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Ask for a breakdown for the ‘arrears’.
    Sometimes they are pure fiction and the CSA are trying it on.
    Sometime it because PWC just don’t pay.
    Get that breakdown!

  • mark johnson says:

    thanks all , iv complaind to the csa about there atitude on the phone and about the arreas they are now aorditing my file going back the full 13 yrs so we will see what happens next ,i will let you all know thanks

  • mark johnson says:

    just spoke to csa about the audit they did they told me the arrears are from 2003 which at the time had shared custardy i did as you said ■KMcQ80 and they are sending me a break down out as well.■sarah briers i am really sorry to hear about yr husbands health they dont consider anybody at all even the children involved according to the csa it would take 2 weeks for the audit to be done lol according tonight they have done it in 2 days including the bank holiday think it bull my self

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