CSA have cocked up but won’t rectify their error

November 28, 2018

Started in 2015 when csa got the total numbers of children wrong that I was to suppose they had one of my kids down twice which I phoned them to correct it but surprise surprise csa cocked up yet again now I’m £2000 in arrears thanks to someone not doing there job and no-one trying to help me out afer they find out they were wrong and they even sent me a letter apologizing.now I have to pay nearly £500 per month for one child when life is hard enough at the best of times.rot in shell csa scum.


  • David Joseph says:

    Dear Martin

    Sorry to read about your predicament. This sort of thing happens all to often and it is so unfortunate. People need to realise that this is an underhanded tactic by the authority to get as much money as possible from those who have already paid faithfully. They know these soft targets (faithful payers) will continue to pay despite no proof of the amount alleged to be outstanding.

    You need someone to fight your corner – never on your own my friend as it is extremely stressful dealing with the Agency on your own and often to no avail.

    I have been specialising in CSA/CMS matters for twelve years and have represented many clients, as you could well imaging. If you need legal assistance, then email me at [email protected].


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